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A New Resolution

It’s a bit late in January to make resolutions so I’m already playing catch-up. I didn’t really give any thought to resolutions this year, but I had an epiphany yesterday, and decided that this year is the one where I will get organised in the garden. Instead of haphazardly throwing seed in any space available and hoping for the best. I’m going to plan. This is not a forte of this particular gardener. I’ve never once actually thought about what, when and where to put things. I garden on impulse, ad hoc, chaotically – which is probably why I get such mixed results.

This year it’s going to be different. I’m going to plant things that I know will be eaten: carrots, peas, beans and salads, rather than the fast growing and impressive vegetables that will ultimately end up composting it – I confess

it happened with Swiss chard. It was beautiful with glossy leaves and ruby red stalks, but the family turned up their noses and in the compost bin it went. I consoled myself that it wasn’t really going to waste, after all it had made an attractive garden plant, and next year it would nourish the garden.

Have now sown broad beans and garlic and feeling virtuous.

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