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New Year Resolution Competition Winners

Following on from last month’s article about planning your garden for the New Year, we ran a competition on our Facebook page to see what your New Year garden resolutions would be.  We were so impressed with the answers we thought we would share a few with you.

The winner of the competion, Becki Smith, wanted to start her own raised veg patch with her son. We are sure you agree that you are never too young to start gardening and hope she enjoys her time with her son.

A challenge ahead

A challenge ahead - we look forward to seeing the 'after' version!

Suggestions from runners – up included Sheena Nelson who wants to get her ‘beast of a jungle’ (pictured) cut down and has promised to send us a picture of the garden when she has done so.  We are looking forward to getting it at the end of the season

While Donna Strawger who wants to fill her allotment to the brim with loads of goodies – and keep it really tidy.

Marcia Bull’s resolution was to keep her chickens off her raised beds.  She later told us that a compromise had now been agreed with her chickens – she will retain just one taller raised bed in the part of the garden where the chickens live and roam and turn that area into a mini-orchard with a couple of fruit trees.  She will then grow her favourite veggies on the patio and salad crops in the greenhouse.

Other suggestions ranged from the industrious ‘finally make some raised vegetable beds and utilise the compost that has been fermenting since last year’, through the practical ‘make more efficient use of our growing areas’, to the enviromental ‘live a more sustainable lifestyle and go organic’.

However one resolution that was sent in, on which we think we will all have our own opinion, is ‘to eat more chips’. Organically grown from her own potatoes we hope!

Thanks to Steve Gibson, Suzanne Miller, Zizi Louise Glazzard and Jeanette Goodchild Gillies for sharing their resolutions with us.

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