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Something for next year ….

It’s time to start planting, although there’s precious little that can go in this early.  However, leafing through the catalogue on a mission, I have selected broad beans, winter onions and I’m informed that there are even some peas that can go in now with a little bit of protection.  The best time for planting garlic is October and after last years successful harvest I’m ready to plant more.  There’s a real  feeling of useful industry to have crops growing away for next year already.

Really chuffed with my first foray into producing home made compost, I know its down to the wonders of mother nature and not me personally, but its really wonderful to lift the lid on the compost bin and find a lovely crumbly black material, that smells really rather wholesome.  A few surprises though!  We found a whole apple that was soft when thrown in there, still complete, I’ve thrown that into the new compost bin that’s already filling nicely.  Also, eggshells can keep their shape for a long time, crushed them and they too will have another year to process.  But the most amazing thing is the residents.  Now, my bin has a solid bottom as I was worried about rats, but even so there is a really healthy number of worms in there.  I have no idea how they got in, but they’re doing sterling work along with the usual suspects of woodlice, fruit flies and other mini beasts I’m looking forward to digging it into the veg bed this weekend.

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