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Suttons Seeds Bloom in Karachi

suttons seeds bloom in karachi

Back in April 2010 our blog shared with you photos taken in Mr Kalim Farooqui’s wonderful gardens at Karachi, Pakistan. We are lucky enough to have just received new photos taken this year and again feel that some of you will enjoy seeing this beautiful, colourful garden, grown from Suttons seed.
Kalim Farooqui's gardenKalim has been purchasing his flower seed from Suttons since 1983 when he used to visit our shop on the Kings Road, Chelsea. When the shop was closed Kalim started buying from us direct and we have continued to supply his flower seed ever since. I’m not sure whether Kalim does all of the gardening himself (amazing if he does) or if he has some help but he certainly does seem to create magic with our seeds. We know that Suttons seeds are of a very high quality but it still takes skill and gardening expertise to bring out the absolute best in them in the way that Kalim achieves.  Kalim Farooqui's garden

Kalim tells us “Spring in Karachi is extremely short lived and many do not make the effort for the same reason. We do, and that is why many come when invited to witness the colours, shapes and size; not to mention the fragrance that nature provides.” Kalim Farooqui's garden

An annual party is held in the gardens “with the ladies competing to show the colours and designs of their dresses. The guests include the movers and the shakers in town as also the diplomatic corps stationed in Karachi; not to mention those from the British High Commission.” If you are in Karachi then Mr Kalim Farooqui’s garden party is the place to be! Kalim Farooqui's garden

Thank you for sharing these photos Kalim. They are truly inspirational.

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