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Water water everywhere!

watering flowers using a hose

A good water supply is essential for the development and maintenance of a plant’s healthy root system, shoots, leaves, flowers and fruit. Ideally this will be delivered by steady rainfall but at this time of year that may be in short supply.

Different plants have different needs in terms of the amounts of water required and much also depends on your soil type and structure. Water too much and the soil will become waterlogged causing the roots to die. Water too little and the plants will wilt and die.

Here’s some tips to help:

– Anything newly planted will need a good initial watering followed by frequent watering whist the roots become established.

– Water in the evening once the sun has gone down. Less moisture will be lost through evaporation and the plants will have until the following morning to absorb the water before the sun comes out again.

Water tank– Capture and save rainwater in a water butt or tank. If you are on a meter this will help to reduce your bill.

– Seedlings have low resistance to drought so  water regularly.


Rainwater may contain viruses too strong for seedlings to handle so use tap water in a a watering can with a fine rose.

– Grass is very water tolerant and even if your lawn goes brown in summer it will recover after some rain. So, unless a green lawn is important to you then leave it until the rain arrives.

– Always water thoroughly so that it reaches the roots rather than just evaporating on the surface.

– Vegetables in growbags will need frequent watering. An automatic system such as Big Drippa will ensure this never gets forgotten.

– Water young or delicate plants using a spray or watering can with a rose fitted.

– Plants in containers will need more water than those planted direct in the garden.

– If there is a drought then avoid hoeing or otherwise disturbing soil around your plants as this will make the soil lose any water it still holds.

– Damp down greenhouse paths to lower the temperature on hot days.

– Ask friends or neighbours to look after your plants whilst you go on holiday and group any pots together to help them. Alternatively invest in an automatic watering system.


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