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August Newsletter


“What dreadful hot weather we have!
It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.”
– Jane Austen

August is payback time. After all the work put into the garden over the preceding months we now get the chance to cut flowers for the house and enjoy homegrown fruit, veg and herbs. But perhaps most importantly August is when we can sit out and enjoy what we have created. And in the evening, it is a chance to really benefit from those scented flowers we planted and to drink in their perfume.

Our August catalogues are available for you to browse and the jobs listed below are not too onerous. Cutting flowers for the house is made easy with our helpful blog and should you feel the need for inspiration there are plenty of Flower Shows to visit.

Here’s to a happy, sunny August. With rain at night to save us from constant watering!

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Our top ten recommended tasks this month include

  • Continue deadheading all faded blooms. Even if the plants won’t flower again this will save them wasting energy on producing unwanted seed-heads
  • Summer prune your wisteria
  • Birds will have finished nesting by now so hedges can be tidied up and trimmed
  • Prune rambling roses that have finished flowering
  • Sweet peas will be coming to an end soon but the more you pick and feed then the longer they’ll keep going
  • Parsley and other herbs sown now will mean you have a fresh supply for the winter
  • Aubergines will be ready this month. Pick them when they are firm and nice and shiny
  • Sow hardy annuals in situ now and they’ll bloom early next year
  • Hardy geraniums will be looking messy now so cut them back and you’ll get some fresh new growth
  • Help tomatoes to ripen by removing any leaves that are shading them from the sun. Keep feeding and removing side shoots


School’s Out!

Bored children and grandchildren? Visit our Children’s Corner for some gardening themed activities to keep those young minds and fingers busy.

Cut Flowers

No need for shop bought flowers this month, just cut some from the garden. If you don’t want to ruin your display, then just select a few blooms here and there to form a mixed bouquet. You won’t miss them in the garden but you’ll certainly enjoy them in the house. Visit our blog for some tips on how to get the most from your cut flowers.

cut flowers

August cataloguesAugust Catalogue

Our August catalogues will be available from early August.

Suttons Bulb Catalogue 2017 – 72 pages bursting with a full range of spring bulbs, bare root plants and vegetables to plant this autumn. Bare root wallflowers are back, by popular demand!

Suttons Kitchen Garden 2017 – fantastic fruit, marvellous mushrooms, wonderful winter veg and great garlic, onions and shallots. Featuring this year’s Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year – the Charlotte Russe dwarf mulberry bush, exclusive to Suttons.

If you haven’t received these free catalogues by the 11th please get in touch and we’ll rush them to you.

Garden Looking a Little Jaded?

By August many gardens are looking a little jaded and faded as plants begin to tire and flowering comes to an end. Do you have gaps in the border, empty containers and a need for some instant impact? We have a selection of established late flowering perennials in large 2 litre pots. These will provide instant colour and interest to your garden, just when other plants are beginning to fade.

Bee Kind to Bees

With bee numbers in decline it’s important that we as gardeners do what we can to help them. Bee numbers are at their highest during summer which puts pressure on their food supply. Although our gardens may be full of flowers and colour, that doesn’t mean they are of the right type to produce nectar. Traveling long distances in search of food increases the risk of the bees becoming lost, uses up vital energy and can also be hazardous.So, how can you help? Simply by ensuring that your garden includes at least some nectar producing plants.

Monardas are a commonly used plant to attract pollinators and we have 2 new fantastic varieties. Monarda Bee Happy and Monarda Bee True which will guarantee that bees will love visiting your garden.

Flower Shows to Visit This Month

RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show – 3rd to 6th Aug –
Shrewsbury Flower Show – 11th to 12th Aug –
Southport Flower Show – 17th to 20th Aug –
RHS Rosemoor Flower Show – 18th to 20th Aug –
Prestatyn Flower Show – 28th to 29th Aug –

Until next month, happy gardening!!

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