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Chillies To Spice Up Your Summer!

Exciting new chillies available as 10cm potted plants

Chill out with Chillies!

Chill out in your garden by planting Chillies in a variety of luscious shades, from sunshine-yellow to deep purple! Suttons brings you two exciting new varieties as 10cm potted plants, ready to grow on at home.

Chilli plants are highly attractive with their glossy fruits contrasting against green foliage. Grow in a sunny spot in a patio container or in a greenhouse, and you’ll be enjoying the heat of your own home-grown chillies from August to October!

What’s hot…

A chilli-licious citrus sensation!

Chilli Hot Lemon plants produce medium hot chillies that not only have the same sunshine-yellow colour as a sun-ripe lemon but also have a similar burst of citrus flavour, which tastes amazing in a salsa or added to sauces.

The shining fruit contrasts with the green foliage, making this chilli stand out from the crowd and easy to pick. Each chilli can be eaten milder when green or left to ripen to yellow when they gain a spicy aroma.

Chilli Hot Lemon plants grow to a mature height and width of approximately 45cm and are well-branched. Grow in a greenhouse or in full sun on a patio for 8-10cm fruits rating 25,000-30,000 SHU on the Scoville scale.

Spice up your salsa!

The citrus tang and heat of Chilli Hot Lemon is perfect for tangy salsas or sauces. Try adding thinly sliced Chilli Hot Lemon to diced fresh tomatoes and red onion, add a very finely chopped garlic clove, a splash of white wine vinegar, some lime juice and coriander to taste. The perfect spicey accompaniment to barbecued fish this summer!

Pepper (Chilli) Hot Lemon Plant

1 x 10cm Potted Plant

Code : 20 00 39


Potted Chilli Offer

Just £4.50 per plant when you buy any 3. Choose 3 of the same variety or pick & mix across the range. Simply add 3 plants to your basket to activate your discount.

What’s not (so hot)…

Savour the flavour with Hungarian Black!

This Hungarian Black heirloom chilli has jalapeno-shaped fruits that are a stunning deep, deep purple – almost black colour – mildly hot and exceptionally flavoursome.

The fruits are borne on nice, sturdy plants which grow to 60cm and have very attractive and unusual purple flowers.

The fruit ripens from green to black and then finally red, rating from 1,000 SHU when black to 10,000 SHU when red and ripe. They’re great to use whole in curries as they are not too hot.

Pepper (Chilli) Hungarian Black Plant

Code: 20 00 40

1 x 10cm Potted Plant


Fascinating Chilli Facts

  • Chilli peppers contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits.
  • Eating chillies causes the brain to release endorphins, making them the ultimate ‘feel-good’ vegetable plant.
  • Peppers and chilli plants are extremely low in calories.
  • The heat of chilli pepper plants actually comes from the strip that attaches the seed to the fruit, rather than the seed itself.

Chilli plants are just one variety out of our new selection of veg plants, view all our new veg plants here!

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