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Choosing Hanging Baskets

Preparing your Hanging Basket

At one time there were just either traditional wire hanging baskets or a plastic version with pre-formed holes. Both were excellent and are still widely available however the more recent woven wicker and grass hanging baskets come in a multitude of materials, colours and designs. This type of basket is ideal for an evocative, rustic and romantic feel. Also available are metal and ceramic hanging containers – it’s a tough choice!

Helpful points about each hanging basket type:

  • Wire and metal baskets need to be lined with moss, coir or other proprietary liners on the market. Inside a moss lined basket it’s a good idea to place a plastic inner liner to aid with water retention as this style of basket can dry out very quickly. Regular watering is essential. Placing a saucer at the bottom while planting and adding water retentive gel crystals to the compost will help retain moisture for longer.
  • Wicker hanging baskets need a sturdy plastic liner.
  • Plastic baskets are easy to use and are also good at retaining moisture. They can however look less attractive than other types until the plants have grown enough to hide them.
  • Ceramic and terracotta look great but can dry out very quickly and so need frequent watering. They also tend to be heavy so need a very strong wall bracket.
  • All baskets require a strong wall bracket, a watered basket can be very heavy!
  • Don’t forget wall-mounted containers of all shapes and sizes are also available.
  • Old chip baskets or colanders can make cheap yet interesting hanging baskets.A Finished Hanging Basket

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