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Suttons Christmas Quiz

Here’s a Christmas quiz for your grey matter to work on. Some questions are harder than others meaning of course that some are easier than others. In other words, it’s a quiz for one and all! The answers will be issued a week today so, plenty of time to ponder!

Christmas Gardens – Indoor and out

1. What effect does snow have on the soil below?

2. What Christmas plant grows high up on the branches of a host tree?

3. Where do Poinsettia plants originate from?

4. English Ivy (Ilex aquifolium) is dioecious. What does this mean?

5. What is the birth flower for December?


Christmas Vegetables

6. What effect does frost have on parsnips and some other veg?

7. What is the first fully blight resistant tomato, exclusive to Suttons?

8. What red leaf vegetable is perfect for a winter salad?

9. What winter vegetable may you wrongly think has some connection to the Women’s Institute?

10. Other than being a type of nut what is a chestnut?


Christmas Trees

11. Who made Christmas trees popular in England?

12. What are the 3 main types of real Christmas tree?

13. What type of real Christmas trees drops the least needles and so tends to be the most expensive?

14. Who wrote a poem about the cultivation of Christmas trees?

15. Which vitamin can be obtained from pine needles?


Christmas Music

16. How old is the carol The Holly and the Ivy?

17. Who wrote In the Bleak Mid-Winter?

18. Who composed the Nutcracker Suite?

19. Who was driving home for Christmas?

20. What is the title of the world’s best-selling Christmas single?


Christmas Crackers

21. Where does Santa go when he’s feeling poorly?

22. What is the most popular Christmas wine?

23. Why are Christmas trees no good at knitting?

24. Who do MI6 have to look out for at Christmas?

25. Why does Father Christmas need not one, not two but three gardens?

We hope you enjoyed the Suttons Christmas Quiz. To check your answer please visit next week’s blog.

Merry Christmas!

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