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Extra Value Plug Plants Bedding Pack Growing Guide

Extra Value Plug Plants
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Extra Value Plugs are our best value plants, we have germinated the seeds for you and grown them into small plants. They will need to be potted on, which will take a little care, but you will know how many plants you will get and the value is superb. Each plug plant costs as little at 7p.

General Care

Your plants have been grown under ideal conditions and inspected by one of our experts prior to careful packaging and despatch by post. However, should they have been damaged or delayed during delivery, please contact us immediately.

To achieve that stunning summer long display, please ensure that you regularly check your plants to ensure that they have adequate water, and feed regularly. When planting containers, mix a slow release plant food such as Suttons Controlled Release Fertiliser, plus some Water Storing Granules into the compost. They will then need less attention throughout the summer. Watering below the foliage canopy of the plants will reduce marking and damage to the flowers. Removing the dead and damaged flower heads will not only improve the appearance of the plants but will also prevent the plant from putting energy into seed production and ensure that more flowers are produced.

Tip! – Remember to ensure all summer bedding plants are protected from spring frosts. Do not plant outdoors before late May/early June.

On delivery of your plants do this straight away:

  • Carefully unpack your plants and check that the compost is moist.
  • Should any of the compost be dry, water carefully using a small watering can, and allow to drain.
  • Stand in a light, warm place, and then follow the growing on instructions in this leaflet as soon as you can – provided they are kept moist, they can usually be left for up to 3 days.


  • To reduce the need for weeding once you have planted out your bedding display, you can dig over your planting area a couple of weeks before you intend to plant. As the soil warms this will encourage the weed seeds to germinate and these can be removed before you plant up your display.
  • If you intend to plant ‘Value Plug Plants’ through the side of your baskets then you can use a smaller pot than 7cm and transfer into baskets when well established.

Extra Value Plug Plants (Plant Size: approx. 5cm)


  • A 7cm pot filled loosely with moist compost is ideal to plant these sturdy young plants into. In each pack of extra value plug plants, you will find a dibber stick.
  • Gently push it through the base hole of each cell and ease the plant and root plug out of the tray, placing it into the centre of the filled pot until the roots of the plug are covered.
  • Firm the compost gently around the base of the plug whilst ensuring the stem and leaves remain above the top layer.
  • Alternatively, plant into trays of compost. A 36x22cm (14×8½”) tray will hold up to 24 plants.
  • Grow on in a light place at a temperature of 16 ̊C (60 ̊F).
  • For Begonia and Impatiens 18 ̊C (65 ̊F) would be even better to encourage quick establishment.

Please note: Our Extra Value plug plants trays contain extra cells over and above the stated quantity – so that you should normally receive a few extra plants, even if some of the cells are empty.

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15 thoughts on “Extra Value Plug Plants Bedding Pack Growing Guide”

  1. Katie Brunt says:

    Hi Yvonne, it is a great time to plant out perennials now before get’s too cold. Plants will die down over winter but roots will be fine and regrow in spring. We hope this is helpful to you!
    Best regards,
    The Suttons Team

  2. Yvonne Clarke says:

    I received my best value perennial collection in August , after potting on they are growing well , can I now plant them out in the garden ?

  3. Katie Brunt says:

    Hi Kate, our plugs are grown from seed and the min size is 3-6 cm. We hope this is helpful to you!
    Best regards,
    The Suttons Team

  4. Kate Gregory says:

    Do you grow your plug plants from seeds yourselves?
    What is the minimum height of the smallest plug plant you supply?

    Many thanks

  5. Anne Gibbins says:

    I received my nicotiana plug this morning and am frankly very, very disappointed they arrived in very poor condition some broken the majority yellow with age and several slimy as though they had been left in a cold damp environment. I have tried to pot them up but I doubt if many will survive.

  6. Nathan says:

    Hi, your plants will benefit from being grown on for a few weeks in a larger pot. Pinching would be your choice, for instance, if you fear the plants may become leggy.

  7. Irene Ashford says:

    I have received my garden ready cosmos Xanthos thank you. Should I pot them up and pinch the tops out or keep them in the tray they came in as I am not ready to plant them out yet.
    Thank you

    Kind regards
    Irene Ashford.

  8. Nathan says:

    We’d recommend planting them 4 to 6 inches apart.

  9. John Harvey says:

    How far apart should I plant the Nemesia plugs?

  10. Liz says:

    Should I pot my super plugs in individual pots before making up my hanging baskets? Or should I plant them straight into the baskets in the greenhouse?

  11. Ian Frampton says:

    Thank you for your message, growing instructions can be located here.

  12. Peter Witthames says:

    I have just taken delivery of 6 Crimson crush tomatoes plug plants that should be free from blight. On first inspection the plants looked a bit battered. However the main problem is there are no onward culture instructions on the web site though the packing lable says ,go to

  13. Ian Frampton says:

    You can find our guide to growing patio fruit and veg here.

    They can be grown under glass or outdoors. James Wong’s latest book, Grow For Flavour, does suggest to “Ditch the greenhouse” and that a sunny, sheltered spot can be just as good as growing in a greenhouse. Of course there is an increased risk of blight if grown outdoors.

  14. Mr A Rolph says:

    I have bought some tomato flamingo plants. the packing says for cultural instructions, visit your website. I can see nothing relating to these plants. For a start, are they to be grown in a greenhouse, or outside? This is vital. Any other advice would be appreciated.

  15. Karen Drew says:

    Hi, Would you be able to tell me what to do when the yellow flowers appear whilst growing cucumbers? I am a complete novice. I have also just bought some courgette plugs and I’m not really sure how to cultivate them either.

    I do need some advice on how to stop my runner beans from being eaten by snails. I have tried copper tape, pellets, beer nothing seems to work. Last year I had one lot of beans for one meal out of 12 plugs. The rest were all eaten.

    Hope you can help?

    Kind Regards,


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