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Fuschia Whips Growing Guide

On Arrival

If you have bought fuschia whips from suttons, remove the plants from the packaging immediately, check the compost is moist and water if necessary with tepid water.

Leave them on a shaded windowsill or in shade in the greenhouse for a few hours and then plant as soon as possible.

Pot the plants up initially into a 17-19cm (7-8 inch) pot using a standard potting compost, then water in lightly Keep the compost moist but be careful not to over water for the first couple of weeks, making sure the roots run into the new compost which will help establish a healthy root system.

Growing On

Side shoots will have been removed during the production process to allow the plant to grow taller, (side shoots will appear at every leaf joint) once the desired height has been reached you should pinch out the growing tip (suggested height approx. 60cm/24 inches).

Remove approx 2cm of the growing tip to just above a pair of leaves. Allow lower side shoots to develop at 2-3 pairs of leaves below the growing point, once these side shoots have grown to 6-10cm (2-4 inches) which will be 2 pairs of leaves, pinch these shoots again and allow to develop naturally at any time, repeat the process until the desired shape is achieved then the plant will naturally come into flower.

Continue to remove any side shoots which emerge lower down on the main fuschia stem, the plant will need a stronger support cane, usually a bamboo cane which should be approx 8cm (3 inches) shorter than the desired height of the plant, tie it loosely to the plant by using twist ties or string.

Remove the lower leaves on the main stem to make the plant look cleaner. Remember to feed weekly 2 – 3 weeks after potting using a normal liquid fertiliser, this will need repeating every week, water regularly, do not allow plants to dry out.

Do not place your Fuschia plant outside until the risk of frost has passed. To keep the Fuschia plant for the second year ensure you protect the plant overwinter by keeping it in a frost free place with as much natural light as possible.

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  1. Avatar Elizabeth Quinn says:

    Unable to find instructions for growing hemerocallis Betty len bulbs. Have searched all your sites.

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