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Gourmet Roots Collection

Root Vegetables You Never Knew You Needed!

The exotic Gourmet roots collection has a well-traveled story. They originate from all over the world, the Andes, China & Peru! With extraordinary colours and shapes, they all look unique and otherworldly in their own ways. 

Artichoke – Chinese Conito

A rare vegetable that’s a dream come true. It’s easy to grow and produces strange alien looking artichokes. Don’t be fooled by their softer looking texture. They are crunchy and nutty in taste! They can also be left in the ground until they’re needed for all of your tasty exotic salads and stir-fries.

Chinese Artichoke Conito Volmary

 Artichoke – Jerusalem Papas

Also known as the Sunchoke (we prefer this name) this beautiful looking artichoke is purple in colour and taste amazing! With a rich, nutty flavour, they taste great roasted, sauteed or baked! How versatile? 

Jerusalem Artichoke Papas Volmary

Not to mention they grow the most amazing sunflower – esque blooms that just look incredible! So whilst you’re wondering which delicious dishes you’re going to add these artichokes to, you can be admiring the flowers they produce!

Oca – Giggles

Versatile roots that will really bring the taste of South America into your home! Beautifully red and tangy in taste, these little red tubers are absolutely perfect for so many dishes. Also known as the Peruvian Wood Sorrel, this tuber will grow fantastically in pots and containers as well as the ground.

Oca Giggles Volmary

Yakon – Inka Red

With origins in Aztec regions, this root is known as a Water Root in its native tongue. This root also has an enormous complex, it’s the largest tuber that you can grow in the UK! With a crisp and juicy taste, complemented by sweet undertones this root will liven up any dish you put it in. 

Another great fact about the Yakon is that although it is sweet-tasting, that is due to the amount of Inulin stuffed into each one. This makes them great for diabetics!

Yacon Inka Red Volmary

Go and check out the whole range here!


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