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Green Shoots?

What a strange winter we’re having. Down here in Devon we’ve had even more rain than usual and winds strong enough to make Dorothy and Toto run for cover. But no snow. Up here on Dartmoor we always have snow in December or early January but nothing’s happened yet. The toboggans sit dejected.

A quick stroll round the garden though shows that things are afoot. As expected the winter pansies and some primulas are still going strong and the roses are sporting a few lonely blooms. Some daffodils are in big bud, just waiting for the right moment. But the really good news is that the snowdrops have arrived. So, we have none of the powdering white stuff but we do have snowdrops!
I’m sure that some gardens in warmer, lower parts of the country, will have been sporting snowdrops for a while. How about letting us know and posting some photos? We all need to know that spring is just around the corner.

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2 thoughts on “Green Shoots?”

  1. STAFF says:

    I would delay sowing the seed you have purchase as the soil is very wet at the moment and the seed may rot. The bulbs can be planted outdoors in late April or early May.

  2. sathish297 says:

    Hi, I live in West Kent and have seen some daffodils and tulips. I’ve got two questions and I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask. Anyway, the questions follow. Kindly ignore if this isn’t the right forum. The instructions on the cover of my bulbs packet reads plant after frost March-June. Should I go ahead and plant them now or should I wait until April? The bulbs are Anemone, Dahlia Cactus, Gladiolus, Triteleia and Rancunculus. I also have some seeds candytuft, aster dwarf queen, larkspur giant imperial. Again, is now the right time to sow them outdoor? Unfortunately I don’t have facilities indoor and everything must have to be planted outdoors.

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