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Grow for Flavour Seed Range

Our 2017 range includes James Wong’s Grow for Flavour Seed Range. James tells us “To my mind by far the most convincing reason to grow your own is the simple fact it allows you to access a whole world of otherwise un-buyable varieties.”

James is an enthusiastic Kew trained botanist, RHS award winner, author and TV presenter. The Grow for Flavour seed range and best-selling book by the same name aren’t just about growing unconventional crops. They are also about growing unusual, delicious, high-yield foods that are expensive to buy, yet easy to grow.

To browse through the full Grow for Flavour seed range click here. Below we have selected a handful of interesting varieties from the range. A little aperitif if you like, to whet your appetite.


Ever increasing in popularity this healthy grain is very easy to grow. Use as you would rice or couscous, just make sure you pronounce it right!


Easier to grow than most root veg with a taste combining parsnip, potato and artichoke.

Mustard Tilney

Grow your own super-hot English mustard. Bred by Colemans!

Parsley Eagle

A perfect two-in-one crop with masses of flat-leafed parsley on top and sweet mini parsnips growing below.

Pea Shiraz

Burgundy coloured mangetout with a savoury, chestnutty taste.

Chilli Serrano

The badass little brother to Jalapeno. The same bright flavour but loads more heat.

Salsola (Land Seaweed)

Italian salad leaves, crisp on the outside but succulent within.

Amaranth Grains

These nutritious seeds can be sprinkled on cereal and the leaves can be enjoyed in a stir-fry.

Asparagus Pea

Popular in Asian cookery this tastes like a blend of asparagus and garden pea.


These grape-sized watermelons have rapidly gone from being unknown to becoming best sellers. The reason? They taste delicious and are easy to grow.


If you don’t already have a copy of James Wong’s Grow for Flavour book, then buy it from Suttons for £20 and we’ll include 6 free packs of seed. The free seed will of course be selected from the Grow for Flavour seed range.

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