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Grow Your Own Eternal Flame!

Suttons brings you a unique Cercis with the wow factor

Suttons brings you a unique Cercis with the wow factor for amazing contrasting colour that lasts and lasts. Eternal Flame is truly one of the most colour foliage shrubs we know of and, in our opinion, the best Cercis on the market.

Truly one of the most colourful foliage shrubs!

Eternal Flame’s main benefit, which is completely unique, is the stunning foliage that emerges as bright glossy red and when it fades it still remains a lovely burnt orange before changing to yellow.

Cercis Eternal Flame

Code: 20 04 18
1 x 3-Litre Potted Plant

Unique amazing colours that stay all spring and summer

The different colours that these leaves go through create a stunning effect with all the colours of a fire, so it is aptly named Eternal Flame.
Unlike other shrubs, its amazing contrasting colours stay all spring and summer without fading. This is because it continually produces new growth all season, maintaining a lovely fiery look of different colours, which many plants only manage for the spring period.

 Pretty pink blooms for added interest

Cercis Eternal Flame also boasts lovely little pink flowers along its stems in early spring, which are attractive to bees and add yet more interest.
This Cercis is great as a bushy shrub in beds and borders or trained into a small tree in a container on the patio. Plant into a moist, but well-drained soil in full sun. A south-facing position is particularly recommended, so that the heat can ripen the summer shoots, priming them for the following spring’s display.

Breeding brilliance

Eternal Flame was bred by the famous American Cercis breeder, Denny Werner, who has a great track record with breeding previous stunning and market leading varieties. He knew this one was a real winner from the very start, after a process lasting over 10 years of particular crossing, testing and trialing.

As the very first seedling started to grow after the successful cross, the colourings on it were like nothing he had ever seen before! The strong colours didn’t start to fade like usual and, over time, he realised that the different levels within the leaf itself held different coloured characteristics. This gives the effect we have today of the colour changing from bright red to a golden yellow and not fading back to green during the summer months like usual.

A colourful collaboration!

In 2021, Cercis ‘Eternal Flame’ will be introduced to the market through an exciting collaboration between Hillier and Suttons. This joint venture will ensure that this wonderful new variety is made available to the widest range of gardeners via multiple sales channels.

Suttons’ rich heritage and experience in mail order and online sales, in conjunction with Hillier Nurseries and garden centres distributing via a wide selection of retail centres, will mean that this new plant will be available through the best plant retailers across the UK as well as to purchase for delivery direct to your door.

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