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HortAid – 20 Gardening Competition

We are delighted to announce that Suttons is sponsoring the HortAid-20 Gardening Competition with Perennial to support their fundraising activities during this challenging time.

As many of the national and local gardening competitions have been cancelled, Perennial, the charity for people in horticulture, has stepped up with the largest ever virtual garden competition. The competition celebrates gardens of all shapes and sizes across the UK and raises funds at a time when Perennial’s services are needed most, and usual fundraising methods are not possible.

With our support and a panel of top gardener judges led by Alan Titchmarsh, the HortAid-20 Gardening Competition will celebrate entries from all generations and gardens large and small. The overall winner will receive a gardening hamper from us, worth up to £250! All category winners will also win the chance to meet one of the celebrity judges and a signed certificate.

To enter, you simply need to submit a photograph into one of the 10 following categories:

  1. Small Garden, front or back – Including courtyards, town gardens or smaller countryside gardens.
  2. Large Garden, front or back – For those whose garden fits the ‘wow, you have a big garden’ category
  3. Community garden – This can be any type of community green space including, but not limited to, allotment groups, garden squares, communal spaces at blocks of flats, or other types of urban or rural community gardens.
  4. Garden that normally opens via NGS - If your garden is in the Yellow Book this year, please join the fun and enter here as well as in other garden categories. The NGS is a great support to Perennial in usual years so this is a way for us to say thank you.
  5. Vegetable garden/allotment - Individual plots of any size
  6. Best vegetable - We’re looking for quality over quantity here. We will assess entries on the photos along so all sides of your prize carrot (or whatever!) should be photographed.
  7. Largest vegetable (photo to include 30cm ruler) – We know the usual size of veg and so this will be proportionate. We will be judging like for like, not pitching radishes against marrows! We understand the early deadline will probably mean no records will be broken!
  8. Container/hanging basket/window box - If you garden in a limited space at home, this category is for you. We’ll be judging beauty, apparent health, and quality. Go to town on a riot of colour or classic understatement. We’re judging on horticulture, not personal taste!
  9. Children’s miniature garden (age 14 and under) – We’re looking for growing gardens or created on a plate or similar. Size can be up to 50cm square. Veg or flowers, we’re looking for fun and quality.
  10. Healthiest houseplant – We’re looking for quality plants, that have been well looked after and need no outside space.

Entry: Submit your photograph along with a £5 entry fee – All going towards Perennial to help people of all ages working in or retired from horticulture.

Closing date: 15th August 2020

Full entry details:

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