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How to Plant up your Hanging Basket

Wall mounted hanging basket

The following guidelines are based on using a simple wire hanging basket but can easily be adapted for any type.

  1. Remove the chain and balance the hanging basket on a bucket or large plant pot. Make sure it’s quite stable.
  2. Fit your chosen liner and fill the basket with moist soil-less compost (lighter than normal compost) up to the point where you want to add the first layer of plants. A solid wall hanging basket will need some broken crocks added for drainage before filling.
  3. Force or cut a hole in the liner (some come pre-cut) and feed the roots of the trailing plants through from the outside so that the rootball lays firmly on the top of the compost with the leaves on the outside of the compost.
  4. Build up the rest of the hanging basket with compost, firming it down to prevent water loss. Add upright plants to the centre of the basket leaving about a 2.5cm space at the top to allow for watering.
  5. Water well and keep protected until the danger of frosts has passed.

For a selection of hanging basket plants take a browse at Suttons.

Watch our ‘how to plant up a hanging basket’ video here for more advice.

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