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January Newsletter

“There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter.
One is the January thaw.  The other is the seed catalogues.”
–  Hal Borland

Christmas may be over but we are still in the bleak mid-winter. Many gardens will be inaccessible due to mud, frost or snow and huge motivation would be needed to make even the keenest of gardener venture out. However, the days are getting longer and in just a few weeks the garden will be opening her arms to you again. In the meantime, the Suttons Spring 2018 Catalogue will be available from the beginning of the month. So, make a brew, light the fire and settle down for an afternoon of planning and shopping.

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Our top ten recommended tasks this month include:
  • Prepare for the year ahead by getting the lawnmower serviced, secateurs sharpened and pots cleaned and tidily stacked.
  • Check tree and shrub stakes and make sure that any ties are secure but not causing damage by rubbing.
  • Finish clearing away fallen leaves paying attention to removing any with blackspot from beneath your roses.
  • Check any stored dahlia and begonia tubers. Cut away any bits showing rot and plunge shrivelled tubers in a bucket of tepid water overnight, then dry thoroughly.
  • Firm in any plants that have been lifted by frost.
  • Keep houseplants warm and free from draughts. Water sparingly.
  • Suttons seed potatoes will start to be delivered this month. Visit our blog for advice re chitting.
  • Keep on top of perennial weeds now and your life will be far easier come summer.
  • Pot on autumn sown sweet peas and place on a sunny window sill. If you didn’t start any then no problem, sweet pea seeds can be sown this month.
  • Take advice from the author and naturalist Hal Borland (see quote above) and settle down with your Suttons seed catalogue. Now is the ideal time to plan your 2018 garden and to place your order.


New Year’s Resolution?

January is a time when many of us either want or need to rest our bodies from the excesses of Christmas and embark on a healthy eating programme. For some this means a strict diet, for others giving up the pop but for many it simply means eating more of the good and less of the bad.

In 2017 Suttons embarked on a research programme with Exeter University to identify which vegetables not only taste good, but also have the highest levels of specific nutrients. It is these nutrients that are known to be important for leading a healthy life. Find out more here.

James Wong – NEW How to Eat Better Seed Range

Renowned for thinking outside the box James Wong has added yet more exciting and unusual fruit and veg to the Suttons range. Thanks to James we can all enjoy tastes and flavours from around the world, grown in our own gardens.

The NEW James Wong Seed Range includes varieties discussed and recommended in his latest book, How to Eat Better. If Father Christmas didn’t leave a copy under the tree, then treat yourself to a New Year present. Buy this fascinating and informative book from Suttons and we’ll include £12 worth of free seed, selected from James’ range.

Sweet Pea Patriotic Mix

2018 is of course the centenary of the end of the First World War. Not something to celebrate but certainly something to commemorate. Sweet Pea Patriotic Mix is a new trio of beautiful fragrant blooms in red, white and blue. Start them off this month in rootrainers and they’ll be full of patriotic bloom for the summer.

sweet pea patriotic mix

Fancy Growing Something New?

We all have our favourites – tried and trusted varieties of fruit and veg that we grow each and every year. But it’s also fun to try something new, here’s a couple of suggestions:

Flower – Zinnia Molotov Mix

zinnia molotov cocktail

Winner of the “People’s Choice” award at the RHS Wisley Trials this tall zinnia blooms in an explosive mix of colours. Wonderful to admire in the garden or for cutting and bringing indoors this variety is both new and exclusive to Suttons. For January only, we are offering Zinnia Molotov Mix at an amazingly low price. When ordering simply quote offer code ZINNIA18 and one pack of 15 garden ready plug plants will be yours for just £1.99!

Vegetable – Tomato Striped Stuffer

tomato striped stuffer

New to Suttons, this is a heritage variety, boasting scarlet skin striped with yellow. A large beefsteak tomato this is perfect for stuffing and baking.

Sowing Season

The start of a new year means we will soon be in the midst of prime seed sowing season. Getting your seeds off to the best possible start is important to ensuring that they grow into strong, healthy plants. having the correct propagating equipment to germinate the seeds prior to planting out is vital in achieving this. From packs of peat pellets, jiffy pots, windowsill propagators and more, we have everything you need to get a head start on sowing your seeds.

Pick and Mix on our selected range of propagation and get any 5 for only £10 – save up to £39.75

January SALE!

Amazing January offers are available with savings of up to 83% on a wide range of products. Hurry while stocks last!

Suttons Great Garden Sale

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