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June Newsletter

“On this June day the buds in my garden are almost as enchanting as the open flowers. Things in bud bring, in the heat of a June noontide, the recollection of the loveliest days of the year – those days of May when all is suggested, nothing yet fulfilled.” –  Francis Kin.

June is a green month with trees, shrubs and plants reaching their emerald highs. Now that all danger of frosts have passed, everything can be hardened off and planted out into final position, ready to bask in the summer sun.

However, this burst of life and growth applies to more than just your beds and borders. Tadpoles will now be making their final transition into frogs & leaving garden ponds and birds will be feeding their young with as many caterpillars and aphids as they can find. Frogs, toads, birds, bees etc are all our unpaid helpers, unless you count the small fortunes some of us spend on our ponds, peanuts and seed!

This month we’ll be looking back at the fantastic ‘Virtual’ RHS Chelsea Flower Show, including a look at the Plant of the Decade and announcing our winners to our inaugural #ChelseaPicnic and #ChelseaGladrags competitions. We’ll also reflect on our #SuttonsDigsforVictory campaign to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day and the Dig For Victory campaign, and, of course, we have some super summery offers for you too!

Jobs to do this month

If the weather allows you to do nothing else this month try and complete the following gardening jobs:

  • The longer days and warmer soil will be encouraging all things to grow, including weeds! Keep your hoe, kneeler pad and fork handy.
  • Pinching the growing tips from your bedding plants will encourage more flowers and a bushier plant.
  • Summer hanging baskets can now be placed in position. In warm weather, they will quickly dry out so don’t forget them during your watering regime.
  • Nothing smartens up a garden more quickly than a neatly mown lawn. Mow at least once a week and keep the edges well-trimmed.
  • Containers that have been hardened off can be moved to their flowering position. Place any scented ones near doors and open windows.
  • If you haven’t done so already then put plant supports and stakes in place for your taller perennials. Once they start to flop it will be too late!
  • As your tomato plants start setting fruit, feed them with a high potash feed, every 10 to 14 days.
  • If June lives up to its reputation and becomes a scorcher then you will need water, water and then water again. With some feeding in between!
  • Evergreens can be given a trim now. If you feel artistic then June is the perfect month to try some topiary. Doesn’t every garden need a dragon?
  • At last, you can remove the yellowed foliage from daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs. Mark where they are so that you don’t dig them up when looking to plant something new.

A Big Thanks To The RHS

We would like to say a big thank you to the RHS for making this year’s Virtual Chelsea Flower Show possible. Bringing one of the most prestigious shows into people’s homes and gardens meant that all that were planning to go (and many who weren’t) got to experience Chelsea at its finest. 

With a week of celebration, inspiration and advice, the show brought the joy and escapism of gardening to many around the country!

Joining in with the celebrations, we asked our customers to enter two fantastic competitions including #ChelseaGladrags and #ChelseaPicninc, and you can read about our entries and winners below. Once again, thank you to the RHS, the BBC and all of the fantastic presenters that made it a truly memorable week.

Chelsea #chelseapicnic Winner!

Lunchtime at the Chelsea Flower Show is a truly scrummy affair so in keeping with the theme of Chelsea at home, we asked you to tag us in your favourite spot in the garden whilst enjoying a #ChelseaPicnic! The winner was treated to a hamper of Gardening Goodies worth £100!

The winner of our #ChelseaPicnic competition is… @chicksandveg winning a hamper of gardening goodies worth £100!

Thank you so much for all your entries!

Chelsea #chelseagladrags Winner!

There’s no set dress code at the Chelsea Flower Show, however, many enjoy getting dressed up for the special horticultural occasion. We felt it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity,  so we encouraged people to get their #ChelseaGladrags on and pose for a photo with their favourite plant to be in with a chance of winning 2 tickets to Chelsea Flower Show 2021!

We loved seeing you all dressed up in your gardens, celebrating the Chelsea Flower Show, it was so hard to choose a winner. The winner of our #ChelseaGladrags competition is…. @GillSaunders50 winning tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show 2021! Here are a few of our favourites…

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Winners!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Decade Winner

Viburnum – Kilimanjaro Sunrise

Every year the RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year Competition is open to exhibitors at Chelsea to showcase their exciting new plant introductions. This year the RHS brought together the RHS Plant of the Year winners from the last decade and it was over to the public to vote for their favourite. 

On Saturday May 23rd, Viburnum Kilimanjaro Sunrise was crowned as Plant of the Decade, decided by the People’s Choice Vote at the Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2020.

The Viburnum – Kilimanjaro Sunrise is truly beautiful. This stunning Viburnum was crowned Plant of the Year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2015. The pure white and elegant lace cap flowers are produced in profusion all the way up this stunningly beautiful tiered plant. Throughout the summer months, the flowers of the Viburnum – Kilimanjaro Sunrise take on a magnificent pink tinge, whilst the foliage during the autumn turns to a lovely orange colour. An added bonus of these beautiful plants is the formation of red berries that turn black as the season progresses, adding an extra great talking point.

Previous RHS Plant of the Year Winners

Previous winners of Plant of the Year that are also available including our Mulberry Charlotte Russe which won in 2017 and became the first edible winner of the competition!

Our 2019 winner, Sedum Atlantis, is a plant for our times… drought tolerant, suitable for small spaces and attractive to bees!

Mr. Plant Geeks Plant of the Year Winner

Jacaranda Wins Mr Plant Geek’s Plant of the Year 2020

QVC’s Michael Perry, also known as Mr. Plant Geek, was disappointed as we all were when the RHS was forced to cancel the Chelsea Flower Show due to the coronavirus pandemic. Saying “Not only is it an exciting occasion that we all look forward to, it’s also a very important event for growers across the world thanks to the RHS’ prestigious award presentation”.

So this year, with QVC, he decided to run a ‘Plant of the Year’ vote in honour of the annual award held at Chelsea. Encouraging readers to have a ‘Plant Geek’s Vote’, to celebrate a fabulous line-up of plants on offer now from a selection of previous Chelsea Plant of the Year winners.

Much to our joy, the winning plant was our very own Jacaranda Bonsai Blue with 28% of the vote, which will be entered into the Plant of the Year 2021 competition at the show next year!

Michael Perry says: “I’m not surprised the Jacaranda won, it’s a total breeding innovation, and allows people to grow what is usually a huge tree in a very small space. I expect these to sell out quick steps.”

He has also named Jacaranda Bonsai Blue as his ‘Plant of the Month’.

Other Suttons’ nominees for RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year 2020

Limonium Dazzle Rocks

Our second nomination for Plant of the Year 2020, would have been Limonium Dazzle Rocks.

Completely unique in the Limonium genus, this stunning and brand-new variety is a breeding breakthrough and answers all the problems many have had with other varieties over the years.

Unusual in being both compact, fully hardy and floriferous, Dazzle Rocks creates long lasting, 30-40cm high pillows in ever popular bright blue shades from June – September. They look brilliant in a cut flower display and can also be dried for the winter months. Easy to maintain and loved by the pollinating insects too!

Let’s not forget about Leycesteria Little Lanterns

Leycesteria Little Lanterns has been introduced to the market this year through a collaboration between Hillier Nurseries (who were intending to enter this fantastic Shrub for Plant of the Year 2020 competition) and Suttons. Together with Hillier Garden Centres we’ re delighted to have the exclusivity of this plant for 2020.

If you’ve always admired the beauty of Golden Lanterns but don’t quite have the space for it, Leycesteria Little Lanterns was made for you! This handsome, compact version of its bigger sibling will light up your garden with its bright yellow-green leaves.

Perfect to purchase now and with immediate despatch, it adds more colour to the mix with an abundance of attractive white flowers with purple bracts (from July to September)- a truly beautiful sight and a great way to end the season.
A charming shrub, Little Lanterns is a versatile sun lover, working well in mass planting as well as in mixed containers or on its own in a smaller area. What’s more, it is hardy down to -15C, so it’s ideal for those colder areas.

British bred and great for adding colour and contrast! Little Lanterns has glorious yellow foliage with orange tinged new growth so really stands out in a garden. In late summer to early autumn the long red bracts appear to produce a showy flowering display before turning into berries for the autumn.  Its unique characteristic is that it is really compact and bushy so can be used further forward in a border, a smaller garden or a container as it will add really eye catching look to any display!

Instantly Transform Your Patios & Borders With 2 Litre Plants

After seeing the fabulous displays at the RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show we’ve got a real taste for some summer colour in our gardens.  We’ve created a section within our site with all our available 2 Litre Flower Plants in one place to make it easier for you to find the perfect blooms to fill your beds, borders, baskets and pots!  From dazzling dahlias and tropical cannas, to show-stopping alstroemeria, pretty gerberas and more.

Dig For Victory – Past & Present


To recognise everyone’s efforts both today and in times past, we asked our customers to share what the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign meant to them. This could include any stories or photographs of parents or grandparents and what they remember from Dig for Victory. Or their own personal endeavour to become self-sufficient, educate children, or to simply look after your health of body and mind with some gentle “gardening” exercise during this time.

We were truly moved by some of our entries and would like to thank everyone for their contribution. Here are some of our favourite entries, and if you would like to see them all we’ve created a post with all of them included.

This is our VE day street party. About the 10th May 1945 I think. I am the boy in the front right with the silly round hat on. We lived near an aerodrome in the war so we had quite a lot of raids. The whole of my primary school education was wartime and I remember learning my times tables in the school underground air-raid shelter. One morning a fighter plane crashed-landed near us. On my way to school I went toward the crash to take a closer look when a policeman told me in no uncertain terms to go away.

Submitted by Peter

Maia and Billy have been busy growing plants from seeds for our allotment and as part of the Gardening Awards they are working towards. We now have some surplus plants available. They have made and decorated a plant stall which they have set up in the lane beside our house. As we are learning about and commemorating VE day this week, they are asking for donations for the plants and all money donated will go to @royalbritishlegion

Submitted by @hadleyhomeschool

Offer Of The Month

Summer Cropping Veg Collection5x 9cm Potted Plants For Just £15!

With our ‘Summer Cropping Veg Collection,’ you’ll be filling salad bowls, stuffing sandwiches and even making your own tasty soups and sauces all summer long! This fantastic collection of five potted ‘ready to plant’ varieties will include a selection of sweet tomatoes, crunchy cucumber and incredibly productive courgette.

Perfect to grow anywhere sunny, from a greenhouse to a patio, in containers or even outside in the veg garden. There has never been a better time to ‘Grow your Own’ and with this collection, you’ll be cropping all summer.

Recipe idea: Grilled courgette and tomato salad. Thickly slice a couple of small courgettes, toss in a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and cook on a grill or griddle until they begin to char. Roughly chop the tomatoes, add a splash of balsamic and mix through, then add thinly sliced cucumber, combine with the courgette and a few fresh basil leaves and serve with BBQ or fresh buffalo mozzarella!

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3 thoughts on “June Newsletter”

  1. Sam Evans says:

    Hi Alan,

    There is some growing information about each of the plants on this page:

    Alternatively, if you check out the product pages for the plants, they have a growing information tab specific to the plant.

    Jacaranda – Bonsai Blue

    Limonium – Dazzle Rocks

  2. Alan Carter says:

    The Limonium Dazzle Rocks and the Jacaranda Bonsai Blue plants have both arrived, but what was missing was some help regarding how to look after them, what soil type they like, suitable feed, whether to plant in the shade or the sun etc. I am sure that many people will have this information already, but my wife, who fell in love with the plants through your adverts, does not have that knowledge. So where can she get the necessary information please?

  3. Freda Smith says:

    Love your pics & info – trying to find hanging baskets online or in shops in Manchester – like a needle in a haystack for us oap’s

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