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June Newsletter

“On this June day the buds in my garden are almost as enchanting as the open flowers. Things in bud bring, in the heat of a June noontide, the recollection of the loveliest days of the year – those days of May when all is suggested, nothing yet fulfilled.”

~ Francis King

It’s finally arrived – the glorious month of June. Will it be flaming, or will it just deliver a tiny flicker? The weather doesn’t seem to want to make its mind up here in the South West, and it has been the wettest and coldest May for years. Let’s hope June brings sun and who knows, but at this early stage it remains full of promise. Lets hope for longer days, warmer soil and hopefully, the sunshine will mean our plants will grow full steam ahead!

One of the other many delights this month is sitting out late, enjoying the long evenings whilst listening to the birds putting themselves to bed and squabbling prettily over the most desirable branches on which to roost. Patio pots containing some of our potted plants below will be an extra special addition too.

Picnics, tea parties and BBQs are another part of June’s delights, obviously if safe to do so. Hopefully with some of the goodies being produced in the garden itself. To up the anti and to dine in comfort and style do take a look at the expanding range of Suttons garden furniture and decorative accessories. There’s something for a garden of every size.

So welcome to beautiful June, May flew by and our June newsletter has come round so quick. This is the first month of summer and the most favoured month for weddings. Time to cast a clout and finish off your planting, frosts are ‘should now be a thing of the past! Mowing the lawn, watering and feeding are now regular tasks but hopefully, most gardeners will also experience some midsummer heat and be able to sit back and smell the roses.

This month we’ll be looking back at the fantastic RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2021, including a look at our Plant of the Year 2021 Nominations, the Product of the Year winner, and our fabulous homage to Chelsea put together by our blogging friends! Of course, the usual will be in here too. From which seeds to sow now, jobs to do in the garden and some very exclusive special offers!

Thank You RHS for Virtual Chelsea 2021!

We would like to say a big thank you to the RHS for making this year’s Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2021 possible. Bringing one of the most prestigious shows into people’s homes and gardens meant that all that we’re planning to go (and many who weren’t) got to experience Chelsea at its finest. With a week of celebration, inspiration and advice, the show brought the joy and escapism of gardening to many around the country! We think this is just a taster for what’s to come in September, but once again, thank you to the RHS, the BBC and all of the fantastic presenters that made it a truly memorable week.

If you missed anything, check out our pages below for all the information you need!

June newsletter top tips of the month

How time flies it’s June already, so let’s hope summer really is here and we can enjoy those long warm, sunny days! This is the ideal time for outdoor sowings of a number of seed varieties, plus, with the warmer weather, the raising of foliage plants. Preparation of the ground for bedding plants can now be done, as well as thinning out plants that have already been sown. And the ideal time to prepare the greenhouse against hot days by either using shade netting or a shade paint.

  1. Sowings can now be made outdoors of alstroemeria, achillea, arabis, canterbury bells, coreopsis, erigeron, myosotis and sweet william seeds.
  2. Pinching the growing tips from your bedding plants will encourage more flowers and a bushier plant.
  3. Summer hanging baskets can now be placed in position. In warm weather, they will quickly dry out so don’t forget them during your watering regime.
  4. Nothing smartens up a garden more quickly than a neatly mown lawn. Mow at least once a week and keep the edges well-trimmed.
  5. Containers that have been hardened off can be moved to their flowering position. Place any scented ones near doors and open windows.
  6. Plant out greenhouse-raised brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, courgettes, cucumbers, marrows, runner and French beans.
  7. As your tomato plants start setting fruit, feed them with a high potash feed, every 10 to 14 days.
  8. If June lives up to its reputation and becomes a scorcher then you will need water, water, and then water again. With some feeding in between!
  9. Evergreens can be given a trim now. If you feel artistic then June is the perfect month to try some topiary. Doesn’t every garden need a dragon?
  10. Blanketweed must be removed from the pond by either using a rake or cane. It is best to leave it at the edge for a day or so enabling any creatures that may be caught up in it to make their way back into the water, then it can be placed on the compost heap.

Fancy more? As much as our June newsletter is full of handy info, check out our Monthly Garden Advice for more tips, tricks and jobs to do each month!

June Flowers to Sow

Flowers to sow in June include outdoor sowings, alstroemeria, achillea, arabis, canterbury bells, coreopsis, erigeron, myosotis and sweet william seeds. Sow in the greenhouse polyanthus, primrose and pansy for autumn planting to flower in spring. June’s warmer weather also means that flowers to sow in June include the raising of foliage plants as houseplants. To brighten up winter and spring displays indoors, make sowings of calceolaria, cineraria and primula obconica.

June newsletter

Pansy Seeds – Adonis

Impressively large flowers in a pretty and uniquely shaded combination of two shades of blue on a white background.

A lovely cool colour combo for summer pots and borders! Height 15-20cm (6-8″). HB/HP – Hardy biennial/Hardy perennial.

June newsletter

Hollyhock Seeds – Black Knight

Captivating, large, single (and sometimes semi-double) glossy flowers in the darkest of colours (almost a black) on tall flower spikes. Easy to grow, and ideal in groups at the back of a border or as a centerpiece to a larger display. HP – Hardy perennial. Height 180cm (6′).Usually grown as a biennial. Sow April-June for flowers June-August the following year, or sow directly outside May-June.

June newsletter

Amberboa Seeds – Desert Star

Open, airy plants whose fine stems are topped with flowers. Spectacular in large groups and ideal for cutting. Flowers July-September. Height 75cm (30″). Easy-to-grow plants providing attractive late-summer colour. HA – Hardy annual.

Adds texture and late summer colour to the garden and makes a fantastic cut flower too.

New Flower Seed

Coreopsis Seeds – Sunburst

The Coreopsis Seeds – Sunburst is a stunning perennial variety bursting with bright yellow colour! Forming a body of herbaceous perennials, these beautiful flowers look great mixed into your flower bed and flower border displays. Coreopsis Seeds – Sunburst will really brighten up any area of your garden with profusions of stunning yellow, you can’t help but smile at these beautiful flowers.

June Veg to Sow

Don’t forget to make new sowings of salad, beetroot, carrots and lettuce, so you can enjoy fresh salad throughout the summer. Remember to thin out your seedlings or you will get smaller crops from the overcrowded rows. Protect carrots from carrot fly and cabbages from caterpillar damage by covering the crop with fleece or netting. Plant out greenhouse-raised brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, courgettes, cucumbers, marrows, runner and French beans.

Beet (Leaf) Seeds – Bright Lights

The most ornamental of swiss chards, ideal for the flower border. Simply pick the delicious leaves or stems as required for use in salads/garnishes, or steamed.

A nutritious, delicious and ornamental alternative to spinach. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. (Roots not edible.)

Beetroot Seeds – Boltardy

Beetroot Boltardy is perfect for exhibition. Being deep red in colour and smooth skinned, this beetroot is ideal. Being a winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, the beetroot boltardy will certainly be a favourite in no time at all. Recommended for early sowing. 

Suitable for organic growing. Recommended for freezing. Twist off foliage when picking, as cutting will make stems bleed sap.

Kale Seeds – Buttonhole Starmaker

One of the most attractive kales available, with dark green leaves and stunning pink veins. Specially selected for its mild, sweeter flavour. Perfect to steam and add a striking colour to your plate, or stir-fry to add the ‘WOW’ factor to your meal. Attractive in the garden and helps create a mixed veg/flower border. Harvest September-mid December. Height 30-40cm (12-16″); spread 30-40cm (12-16″).

New Veg Seed

Swiss Chard Seeds – Peppermint

A new and extremely exciting variety, Chard Peppermint is a very attractive two-tone Swiss chard. Stalks graduate from flamingo pink to white, with deep green, savoy type leaf. A multi-functional vegetable, this alluring chard will not only add colour to the veg patch but also looks stunning in the flower border. Reaching heights of 61-70cm (24-28″); spread 41-50cm (16-20″).

Offers this Month – June Newsletter

Whether you’re looking for bumper bedding packs, tasty fruit and veg or garden furniture to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space, we have an offer for you which you can check out straight from our June newsletter. You’ll find the best offers from our catalogues, alongside last-minute deals and exciting seasonal sales.

June newsletter offers

Social Posts of the Month #MySuttonsJourney

We like to feature our gardening community in our monthly newsletter and reflect on some of the social posts you have shared with us every month. This month’s gardening antiques included planting climbing french beans, picking fresh sweet peas and wearing flower crowns in the garden!

Below are our top 5 social posts of the previous month and if you would like the chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter, simply tag us and use the hashtag #MySuttonsJourney. 

Follow us on our social media pages and if you tag us with our hashtag, you could be featured in our next monthly newsletter!

Our RHS Plant of the Year Entries!

It is a competition for the “trade” to bring the best new plants to the attention of those who attend the show and, more importantly, to the attention of all who love and enjoy their garden. When selecting which plants to enter, our plantsmen talk to breeders from all over the world. Searching out the most exciting new introductions for the competition. All the successful plants since the first winner in 2010, have gone on to be widely grown and have enjoyed huge popularity amongst the gardening public. A true accolade and highly symbolic of the community created by gardening.

Our Nominations this Year…

June newsletter RHS Chelsea

Agapanthus Sea Breeze

Kale Rainbow Candy Crush

Polemonium Golden Feathers

Camellia 1001 Summer Nights Jasmine

Limonium Dazzle Rocks

Cercis Eternal Flame

Jacaranda Bonsai Blue

Stay tuned to find out which plant wins in September!

Sustainable Product of the Year Winner!

What a week it was this May! Our June newsletter is still talking all things RHS Chelsea because of how brilliant it has been! RHS Chelsea is a truly unique, unforgettable experience and a key date in every allotmenteers, avid gardener and flower lover’s calendar. Hundreds of garden designers, growers and famous faces come together to present the very best advancements in the horti world. This year the RHS Virtual Show took place in May and the Flower Show is planned for September! For RHS Virtual Chelsea, we had a week packed full of well-known Horti experts, TV personalities, show designers and expert growers, talking all things gardening. However, one of the main annual competitions is the Product of the Year Award, and this year brings sustainability to the forefront! But who won?

June newsletter RHS Chelsea

And the award goes to… Ocean Plastic Pots!

We can see why this one took the winning title, as every pot has been crafted by ocean waste, preventing it from living in landfill and turning it into garden pots and planters instead!

Available in Mint Green, Blue and Dark green these gorgeous pots have been designed in Glasgow and made in Scotland.

They hope to plant the seed to encourage more of us to reduce the amount of plastic we use and in turn protect our planet and our future.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show… September!

From Tuesday September 21 to Sunday September 26, The RHS Chelsea Flower Show will be held on the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Rightly so, we will be celebrating this occasion on our blog social media pages so be sure to return in September for more fabulous Chelsea content!

Homage to Chelsea – June Newsletter

As you know, the live 2021 Chelsea Flower Show has been pushed back until September, meaning that there’s every chance it will go ahead this year. Therefore, we thought this would be a great time to reflect on the past. Here’s our Homage to Chelsea! We have approached some of our favourite bloggers and asked their thoughts, memories and associations to RHS Chelsea over the years. Read more to find out what they had to say about their homage to Chelsea but also comment on our blog to tell us yours!

What the Bloggers Say

Homage to Chelsea - Laura, Elaine and Caroline

Laura, Elaine and Caroline

Plant category result: “Now as regards your poll, after a bit of loud discussion, we decided the most exciting and inspiring category for us is the Best Show Garden. Of course, this might be because it dominates the TV coverage, or because these exhibitors get the biggest creative space or because their designs tend to range from very modern to very traditional (while the artisan gardens tend to be mainly focused on the Romantic period of garden design), but whatever the reason this award is the one we remember the most. We do also love the trade stands in the marquee and are very interested in how they fare but I don’t think this was one of your categories”.

Memory: “We have very many fond memories of Chelsea and every year write a blog about the conversations we overheard and what plants we liked the most etc. Our blog last year reprised some of these moments – I’ll give you a flavour here:

Laura: Best moments? well in the past these have tended to involve visits to the sanctuary of the ladies’ loos, set up as they are with water fountains and gratis hand lotion, but in recent years I’ve taken to waking Caroline up early on the final Saturday, driving up through the still streets of Battersea, and being one of the first through the gates at 8 am. That first walk around, clasping a cup of coffee and a croissant (up until which point C has only communicated in grunts), as we take it all in before the crowds arrive at the showground, really takes some beating.

Elaine: It’s hard to pick the greatest moment – I love our girls’ lunchtime picnics in Ranelagh Gardens, I love the huge shared fun of the Saturday sell-off, and then traveling back on the train with our flowery treasures like Burnham Wood coming back to Dunsinane. A strong candidate was when the armed police looked like they might arrest Laura and we might get a bit of peace……………how we cheered! Yeah, I’ll go with that one”.

Read more here –

Give Your Patios & Borders a Makeover with Fabulous Potted Plants!

After seeing the extraordinary displays at the RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2021, we’ve got a real taste for some summer colours possible in our gardens in our June newsletter.  We’ve got plenty of potted plants which boast perfect blooms to fill your beds, borders, baskets and pots!  From dazzling dahlias and tropical cannas to show-stopping alstroemeria, pretty gerberas and more.

June newsletter RHS Chelsea

Allotment Tips – June Newsletter

June newsletter RHS Chelsea

Do you or someone you know own an allotment and want to find out helpful hints and tips each month? Lee Senior is an experienced horticultural writer, RHS Yorkshire in Bloom judge and horticultural consultant, who writes a monthly entree on allotment tips each month for Suttons blog.

Our June newsletter discusses some gardening topics, but Lee tackles everything from growing veg, controlling pests and making the most out of your sheds, greenhouses and garden tools.

We hope our June newsletter gives you plenty to get busy with, puts you in the right direction in flowers, lets you know what veg to be planting right now, and gives you some inspiration to get active in the garden!

Join the Suttons community today and take us with you on your gardening journey – #MySuttonsJourney

In addition to our June newsletter, browse our latest blog posts for gardening advice, how-to guides and insights into new products.

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