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The King’s Twenty-Guinea Cups – Farming Crops and Awards

We are always delighted to hear from customers about their gardening experiences, whether this be in the back-garden, on the allotment or even grown commercially.

For many years we produced a farmers yearbook and in 1915, one year into the First World War, we printed an article about the duty of farmers duty during the war crisis. The guide was packed with advice for growing and knowing how to spot crop diseases and enemies as well as talking about the latest seeds that could be bought and grown.

Throughout the guide customer’s letters and comments were included to reinforce the quality of the product, such as:

F.W. Hayward, Esq., Redgrave – “My Crop of Suttons Yellow Globe Mangel was quite 50 per cent heavier than that from seed procured elsewhere.”

Thos Archer, esq., The pastures – “I won first prize, £3 for a crop of your giant Drumhead cabbage weighing 67 tons per acre.”

But it was his Majesty The King’s Twenty-Guinea Cup that took pride of place within the guide. This was presented for the best root crops in the districts of the Royal East Berks and Royal South Bucks Agricultural Associations to customers of Messrs. Suttons.

The Kings Cup notifications

Have you entered any competitions with Suttons products that you would like to share?

Want to experience the trials and tribulations of growing for awards without all the pain? Then take a look through our gold medal hopeful Phil McCan  who is entering all he can for his local village show.

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