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Long-Stemmed Clematis Collection

Introducing our Long-stemmed Clematis Collection – for border, patio and cut flowers!

Our latest new world exclusive comes from the Amazing Clematis ®™range with the three stunning varieties only having previously been available as cut flowers. One of them even formed part of the bouquet given to our Queen at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show.
Years have been spent breeding and developing these unique plants by world-renowned specialist breeder Wim Snoeijer, based at the Jan van Zoest clematis nursery in Holland. Now, due to an exclusive agreement between Wim and Suttons there is an opportunity for you to grow them, for your own enjoyment.

The Long-stemmed Clematis Collection includes the following three hybrid varieties:

Clematis Amazing®™ London

The large pale blue flowers are produced in early summer, often with another flush towards the end of summer.

Clematis Amazing®™ Oslo

This variety has striking deep blue open flowers which slightly curl towards the tips and have clear white sepals in the middle. Oslo was part of the bouquet presented to the Queen at Chelsea Flower Show 2016 by the Queen’s florist Simon Lycett

Clematis Amazing®™ Rome

Large light purple flowers with clear white stamens in the centre.
All three varieties flower for 2-3 months from May – and will flower for a second time in August. The perfect cut-and-come-again flower! The 40 to 50cm long stems have a good vase life, lasting up to two weeks. In addition, unlike traditional clematis, these fantastic varieties do not have twining stems. They exhibit strong growth, and don’t drop their petals so readily.

Growing Advice

Pruning; Whilst it is not strictly necessary to prune these varieties, Suttons recommend cutting down to about 6” (10cm) very early spring

Support; Due to the lack of tendrils (that would interfere as a cut flower), these varieties do require some support against a fence or wires, or an obelisk. The plants will reach a height of 1.5 to 2 metres.
Last month our new world exclusive was the dwarf Mulberry Bush, Charlotte Russe. Our customers liked this plant so much that we sold out within a week and the waiting list for our September release of new stock is increasing daily.
Bearing in mind how quickly our last world exclusive product sold out you’ll need to act quickly if you’d like to be growing your own long-stemmed clematis this year. Remember, you can’t buy them from anyone else!
In summary, the Long-stemmed Clematis varieties will:
– Flower for months!
– Grow long, straight stems, 40-50cm – perfect for cutting
– Produce multiple blooms from each stem
– Look simply amazing in your borders and containers
– Last up to 2 weeks as cut flowers in a vase with regularly refreshed water
Clematis Collection – Just £19.99
3 Potted plants (supplied in 7cm pots)
(1 of each variety)
Product Code 261570

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  1. Sam Evans says:

    Hi Lesley, you can view all of our wonderful Clematis varieties here: Clematis Plant

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    Can I buy your Amazing Clematis collection?

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