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Make Your Christmas Table Special With Festive Houseplants

Decorate your home in time for festivities and make your Christmas table special this year. We have compiled a vast selection of magical festive houseplants to bring extra joy and laughter indoors this winter. 

Houseplants You Will Adore This Season!

The skies are grey, the grass is wet and it’s feeling colder than ever outside, so why not bring the outdoors indoors this Christmas. The festive reds and greens are starting to emerge in our homes and streets and having an arrangement of colourful fragrant houseplants in your home is a great way to celebrate Christmas. 

Before you get the decs started, we wanted to guide you through a range of our festive houseplants that can be a knockout centrepiece at the Christmas table or scattered around the household. Not only is this a few inspiring ways you can bring festive colours inside, but it is also the perfect opportunity to expand your indoor garden this year.

Festive Amaryllis

Amazing Amaryllis

You can’t beat this Christmas classic and our stunning collection makes decorating your home super easy. They are famed for adding glamour to our festive homes, they are simple and swift to grow, offering stunning satisfaction in no time at all.

The best news of all, your amaryllis will be delivered right in time to flower for the Christmas season and it should flower year after year from there! Bringing colour in your home during winter and spring.

Three Wax-coated Amaryllis

Wax-coated Amaryllis

With a choice of three wonderful colours, create a glamorous centrepiece this Christmas with our Wax-coated Amaryllis – which will burst into bloom in 3-5 weeks without a single drop of water! Each huge bulb has been dipped into decorative wax, sprinkled with snow-like speckles and attached to a sturdy flat base.

Or try our Hyacinth In Wax too, these are sure to liven up your decor!

Dressed in Festive Coats

Amaryllis vase with lights

Amaryllis Vase with Lights

Create a warm atmosphere with Amaryllis Vase with Lights. The glass vase contains soft golden lights for an extra-special effect making a great Christmas decoration.

Dazzling Azaleas

With lavish flowers in classic Christmas colours, azaleas are the perfect way to add a festive atmosphere to your home and Christmas table. That special day is only around the corner and these are a knockout centrepiece.

Bi-coloured azalea shaped like a Christmas tree

Bi-colour Azalea

A beautiful Bi-colour Azalea in the shape of a Christmas Tree. It bears pink flowers with white picotee edges. Ideal as a striking centrepiece to your dining room table or as a focal point in the corner of your conservatory. 

Christmas Cacti

With traditional white or red varieties to choose from, cacti are unique with hanging branches and bountiful blooms. They will see you through into the new year and make a delightful addition to the dining or coffee table.

Colourful Orchids

This selection of beautiful orchids will add daring colours and a touch of drama to your home this Christmas. Why not give the gift of a wonderful living plant to a friend or family this Christmas, there are definitely some orchid lovers out there!

Brassia Summer Dream

With spider-like intriguing blooms, the Brassia Summer Dream is a fierce but easy-care orchid. A highly desirable houseplant with narrow petals and large green pikey blooms is often named the Spider Monkey Orchid.

Snowy Whites

Fill your home and dress the table with classic wonderful whites this festive season. Elegance and charm is a look many of us like to display throughout our household and it remains a theme on trend. A white flower will never go out of fashion and our selection boasts crisp white petals and exotic structures.

Festive Greens

Ferns and tropical plants provide luscious leaves and fabulous blooms. Besides the classic green Christmas tree, you can sprinkle festive greens all over the household this winter season.

Radermachera Sinica

Commonly known as the China Doll plant originating from China, the Radermachera Sinica has glossy mid-green leaves and is aeasy to care for plant. A recent addition to the houseplant range but now a very popular selection!

We hope this inspires you to fill your home with festive houseplants and have a knockout Christmas table this year. Or alternatively, you have found yourself the perfect gift of a wonderful living plant for that someone special.

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