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Weather Makes Trees Refuse to Strip Leaves

Many of us are enjoying a mild and dry start to the autumn. According to the Met Office the beginning of September was the driest for 50 years and temperatures have been well above average. Whereas this weather is lovely for walks in the country and for catching up in the garden it is less lovely for those of us wanting to despatch trees and the purpose of this message is to give you early warning that there will be a delay this year.

The best time to transplant trees is when they are dormant and for this reason we always aim to despatch from early November. However, the downside to all the lovely September weather is that the trees are enjoying it too much and are late going into dormancy. The leaves are not yet changing colour let alone starting to fall.

Some suppliers, in an attempt to stick to schedule, will choose to force their trees into dormancy and to mechanically strip them of their leaves. This really is not very good for the trees and so we have decided not to take this course of action. Instead we prefer to allow the trees to go into dormancy the natural way. In the long-term this is a far better approach for the trees but it does of course mean that despatch will be delayed.

For those of you who have ordered trees we apologise for the delay but hope that you understand the reason. Sometimes it’s far better to go along with Mother Nature than to fight her. The trees will be despatched as soon as they are ready – the natural way.

Fruit Trees and Ornamental Trees will be affected

Fruit Trees and Ornamental Trees will be affected

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