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The Morning After – Weather on Dartmoor

wet and wild on Dartmoor

wet and wild on Dartmoor

The weather over Christmas was pretty horrendous with flooding and many people going for days without power. Dreadful for all concerned. On a much less important scale many gardens also suffered under the constant wind and rain and in some cases were quite dramatically altered.

I live on Dartmoor and am lucky enough to have a stream going through my rather “natural” garden. Normally this stream is very well behaved and just deep enough to clean mucky dog paws after a muddy walk. Being so high up we normally have snow at some point over Christmas but not this year. Instead it rained, rained and then it rained some more. The effect on our little stream was amazing. It turned into a torrent racing through the garden and sending up a mist of spray as it thundered over rocks and boulders. Our wooden bridge was completely submerged as the water raced both under and over. A dog with mucky paws would have been swept away if daft enough to go for a paddle – luckily they didn’t.

The photos below show the stream in full flow. Was your garden transformed by the weather? If so it would be good to hear in what way and maybe to see a photo. It’s good to share!

A little bit more water than normal This was floodedNormally a trickle rather than a torrentDouble the fun

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