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National Gardening Week 2017 and How to Get Involved

What is National Gardening Week?

National Gardening Week was launched by the RHS 6 years ago and aims to become the UK’s largest celebration of gardening. Every year gardens, charities, retailers, community groups and businesses come together to create a fantastic celebration of gardening. Whether it is a local event, a how to guide or even a flower sale. Of course here at Suttons we love anything that celebrates the love of gardening (after all, we have been supplying over 9 generations of gardeners with the plants and seeds they need). So what are you waiting for, whether you are a seasoned pro or an ambitious amateur, get those green fingers at the ready and let's get growing!

National Gardening Week

Want know what events are happening in your area this Summer?

We've collated a list of some of the most popular Gardening Shows and Events that are taking place in 2017 and made a simple map so you can find out what's going on where and when. (We know this isn't all of the events so please help us by adding any we have missed in the comments section below and we will get it added to our handy map)

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