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New Flower Seed Range for 2021

It’s that time again where we announce all of the new fantastic flower seed varieties for you to grow. Our experts have been working hard to find flowers that really stand out in your flower beds and flower borders this season. We’ve introduced a selection of beautiful flowers that we’re sure you’ll all love!

Whether you are looking to colour coordinate your flower beds or create stunning container displays with the latest flower varieties, our new flower seed range has something to quench your thirst for fantastic flower displays.

We’re going to explore some of our favourites of the new range if any look like the next perfect pairing for your flower bed then don’t hesitate to discover more interesting facts about the flowers on our website.

Pretty In Pink

Some of our favourite new pink varieties will certainly create the best eye-catching displays in your flower garden.

Sizzling Yellows & Sunset Oranges

Let’s turn the heat up and add some dazzling oranges and yellows to your flower beds and flower borders. Some of our favourite new flower seed varieties are some of the best and brightest in the collection. They demand people’s attention as they bask in the sunshine.

Must-Have Colour Contrasts

The following new flower seed varieties will create beautiful colour contrasts in your flower garden. Sow them into a decorative container together and watch as they create fantastic displays before your eyes. These contrasting flowers will certainly be the envy of your neighbours in no time.

Experience the magic of growing flowers from seed – not only does it open up a whole world of breathtaking varieties to choose from, it also gives you a truly satisfying feeling that you get from raising them yourself! With many more flower seed varieties to look through, discover the rest of the range here:

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