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New Vegetable Plants 2016

Your January Plant Catalogue should have been delivered by now offering, amongst many other things, an exciting collection of new vegetable plants. If your catalogue has not arrived then you can order a free copy here.

As always our range includes tried and trusted favourites but also some exciting new varieties. We have grown these at our own trial grounds and feel that they are of sufficiently high standard to now offer to our customers.

So, if you fancy trying something new this season take a look at the following vegetable plant varieties. Just click on the name to be taken to the image and full details held on our website.

Turbo Grafted Vegetable Plants:

Bean Compass
Tomato F1 Orange Paruche– these orange cherry tomatoes have to be tasted to be believed. Vigorous and semi-determinate the fruits are also crack resistant.

Grafted Tomato Crimson Crush – bred for outdoor growing this fine tasting tomato shrugs off even the worst blight.

Cucumber Delistar – a crunchy texture and sweet aromatic taste with very thin skin that requires no peeling.

Chilli Pepper Trinidad Moruga Scorpion – currently the hottest recorded chilli pepper. Are you brave enough?

Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet – perfect for salsas and sauces the very hot chillies grow on short, bushy plants.

Crimson Crush

Sweet Pepper Thor – a large long red pepper with a crisp, juicy flavour. Perfect for roasting.

Sweet Pepper Cupid – a small red bell pepper, perfect for stuffing.

Non-grafted Vegetable Plants
Dwarf French Bean Compass – an extra fine heavy cropping bean with exceptional flavour.

Dwarf Runner Bean Jackpot Mix – a cross between Dwarf French and runner beans, ideal for a pot on the patio.

Chinese Cabbage F1 Natsuki – perfect for stir-fries or to use early as mini-cabbages.

Hops – grow your own hops/grow your own beer.

Pea Blauschokker

Kale F1 Reflex – dark intensely curled leaves, both succulent and nutritious.

Squash Patty Pan Collection – a tender, nutty-flavoured collection of summer squash

Pea Blauscokker – an ornamental yet very tasty variety with purple flowers and purple pods.

Spring Onion Red & White Mix – fast maturing red and white spring onions.

Potato Axona – blight resistant and perfect for baking or mashing.

Potato Blue Danube – a blight resistant white-fleshed potato, perfect for making chips.


Pumpkin Atlantic Giant – as the name suggests this is the big Daddy of all pumpkins producing monsters up to and over 300 lbs.

Sweetcorn Double Standard – attractive tasty kernels in a mix of yellow and white.

Yacon – a purple-skinned tuber that looks like a potato yet tastes like a cross between a water chestnut and a pear!

Don’t forget, these are just this season’s new varieties. For our full range click here.

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