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Origins of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Tulips Bouquet

Mother’s day Tulips from Suttons In Bloom

Mother’s Day – 30th March 2014

A day on which to celebrate mothers and motherhood and to say thank you for all they’ve done for us. So what are the origins of the day?

Ancient civilisations held various festivals to motherhood but the likeliest link is with Laetare Sunday. On this day the tradition was that everyone attended their home (mother) church with young apprentices and young women in service being given a day’s holiday to be reunited with their families. Laetare Sunday fell on the 4th Sunday of lent yet the strictness was relaxed on this day with people traditionally eating simnel cake – a light fruitcake.

This tradition declined but was revived in the UK during WWII by US troops who brought their own Mother’s day celebrations to the UK.

Whatever its source Mother’s Day is a day for saying “thank you”. And what better way than by giving a gift of flowers. A gardening mother may like some plants or even some fruit but all mothers would love to receive a beautiful bouquet. If you like the look of the tulips at the top of this blog then click here for details.

Here’s hoping that all mothers enjoy their special day.

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