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Our Guide to Letterbox Gifts

The Letterbox Gifts Have Arrived! 

The best surprises come in small packages and this is our way to make gifting super easy this year. Our letterbox gifts are ready-to-go with a click of a finger and are the perfect doormat surprise!

Are you thinking about what to gift friends and family this Christmas? Or contemplating a well-deserved treat for yourself? Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up, to pamper a friend, a present for a loved one’s birthday or to celebrate Christmas with a pal from a distance, we have a letterbox gift for everyone and every occasion.

What Exactly Are Letterbox Gifts?

There’s so much to love about our letterbox gifts because they do exactly what it says in the name, it’s a super convenient way to send a gift that can be posted straight through a regular letterbox. Gift your family and friends in a hassle-free way and add a personalised message for an extra-special touch. 

The Greatest Doormat Surprise!

These thoughtful gestures will brighten up the lucky recipient’s day and let them know you care. We have hunted high and low and compiled some amazing gift packages which can be sent all over the UK, straight through the front door and will provide the perfect surprise they never saw coming!

Gift fitting through regular letterbox.

Your Letterbox Options

We have sourced some absolute gems and produced a whole range of spectacular letterbox gifts for you to choose from. There’s something to suit everyone whether your searching to treat a gardener you know, an exciting day out for you and friend or a gift voucher to spend at home. We’ve got something to help you pass on that special feeling of receiving a gift by post. 

Letterbox Gifts Straight Through Your Door

Our exciting new range of letterbox-friendly gift packs make great gifts for gardeners, wildlife lovers and someone who likes their chillies hot! Perfectly packaged to send directly to the recipient, there are five inspiring themes to choose from! Each is packed with a selection of seeds, sowing accessories, a gardener’s exfoliating hand soap and either a handy tool, themed accessory, or hand cream set.

This exciting new range is specially designed to fit through an average UK letterbox sized (41.5 x 16 x 4.2cm) providing fuss free and no contact delivery. The contents will remain in place having been carefully and strategically positioned inside the box to pack in those gardening goodies!

fragrant garden letterbox gift.

Fragrant Garden Letterbox Gift

A gift for a flower lover

This glorious personalised gift box includes three packs of Fragrant Flower Seeds, Twine, Mini Secateurs, care for your hands with Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a fragranced Hand Cream Trio.

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vegetable garden letterbox gift

Vegetable Garden Letterbox Gift

Do you know someone who loves to grow their own?

Whether they have an allotment plot or a vegetable patch in the back garden our Vegetable Garden Letterbox Gift is the perfect way to keep them growing and sowing! Includes five versatile seed varieties, Twine, Plant Labels, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap and Cleaning Brush.

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chilli letterbox gift

Chilli Letterbox Gift

For someone who likes it hot!

Our Chilli Letterbox Gift includes a thoughtful selection of fiery treats for chilli fans, foodies, gardeners and enthusiasts alike. Inside the Chilli Letterbox Gift, you will find Four varieties of Chilli Seeds, Plant Labels, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a Chilli Coring Tool to ensure you don’t get that fiery juice on your skin.

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wildlife letterbox gift

Wildlife Letterbox Gift

Wonderful for wildlife lovers!  

Our Wildlife Letterbox Gift includes a thoughtful selection of treats for gardeners and enthusiasts alike. The Wildlife Letterbox Gift includes four Floral Seed Mixes, Twine, Mini Secateurs, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a Pressed Flower Kit for creating mini masterpieces from your beautiful blooms.

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herb letterbox gift

Herb Letterbox Gift

Perfect for Kitchen Gardeners

The ideal gift for those gardeners that like to keep their herbs close to hand! The Herbs Letterbox Gift set includes five versatile herb seed varieties, Twine, effortlessly label your herbs with Plant Labels, care for your hands with Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap and a handy Multi Tool.

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Beautifully presented and packaged – all the work is done for you! They are fully gift wrapped and sent directly to the recipient at your request! Gift set components are wrapped in decorative tissue and elegantly held in place secure and compact within the box.

letterbox gift wrapping paper

 Your own special message – customised to include your own special personalised gift message (when sending direct to the recipient only).

Trees by Post Are Here! 

With a choice of four tree-mendous trees to choose between and all delivered straight to the door of your loved one! All these fantastic Trees by Post come gift-wrapped and gift boxed, providing beautiful packaging and the highest quality.

olive tree gift

Olive Tree Gift

Traditionally used as a symbol of peace and friendship, olive trees make fantastic gifts and are famed for their longevity. This Olive Tree Gift will add a touch of the Mediterranean to gardens or patios and may produce fruit in some milder regions of the UK.

The olive can be grown outdoors during the summer and in all but the milder areas of the country will need the protection of a greenhouse or conservatory from autumn to spring. Height 80-90cm. Supplied in a 2-4 Litre pot.

bay tree gift

Bay Tree Gift

Bring style and sophistication to your garden or patio with a beautiful Bay Tree! This variety can be clipped into a formal architectural specimen, providing structure and interest for 12 months of the year, for many years to come!

The dark green leaves of this Sweet Bay are great for cooking!

kiwi plant gift

Kiwi Plant Gift

Give the gift of an exotic kiwi plant! Kiwi fruits are attractive climbers that are surprisingly easy to grow and hardy too. Grow up a trellis, arch or pergola in a warm spot or on a south-facing wall and prune to your desired size.

Issai is an unusual kiwi which, unlike its more well-known cousins, boasts fruit with a smooth, edible skin! The little kiwis are quite delicious and are produced in abundance – 1000 kiwis per year is not unusual!

fig tree gift

Fig Tree Gift

Our Brown Turkey Fig Tree is the most reliable fig for the UK climate, producing a heavy crop of purple-brown fruits with sweet red flesh in late August to mid-September – harvest and enjoy! Each plant comes with a jar of sticky fig jam too!

Figs will bring a Mediterranean flavour to your garden, combining handsome foliage with a tasty and bountiful harvest.

Vines and Wines

Great Wine Brings a Good Time!

Flame Grape Vine

A Flame Grape Vine with a bottle of red wine! This is one of the most popular varieties of grape, which tastes even better just picked from the vine. It’s suitable for outdoor and greenhouse/conservatory growing, is early ripening and disease resistant, and is supplied as a grafted plant in 2 litre pot.

Choose a sunny spot for your plant and it will provide you with attractive vines and a bountiful crop of delicious grapes! And it comes complete with an excellent bottle of wine too!

Vine and White Wine

Seedless white grape producing very large bunches of golden-green, delicious dessert grapes. Also suitable for greenhouses or conservatories. Vigorous and heavy cropping. Supplied as a grafted plant in 2 litre pot.

Early ripening and disease-resistant plants. Our varieties will provide you with attractive vines and a bountiful crop of delicious grapes! Inside you find a lovely bottle of wine!

Experience Days

Kew Gardens experience day out

Our experience days are perfect for those occasions that call for something extra special. There’s something magical about picking a unique experience and making memories together, and our selection has something for everyone. Choose from a day at Anne Hathaway’s beautiful cottage, a visit to Kew Gardens complete with a river cruise, or an urban beekeeping experience with craft beer tasting sessions. This is the opportunity for you to treat someone special and tick one of those items off their bucket list with a gift they’ll never forget!

Gift Vouchers

The perfect alternative to buying a physical gift!

Suttons online gift vouchers

Are you looking to find the perfect gift for that special someone but, don’t know what to buy? Well, look no further! Let Suttons make it easy with one of our fabulous Gift Vouchers.

Suttons online gift vouchers

Our exclusively designed contemporary and traditional style Gift Vouchers will suit any occasion. Gift the gardener in your life with the freedom to choose something special from any of our fantastic ranges. Including high-quality gardening equipment, the latest must-have vegetable seeds or even beautiful flower plants.

Choose either our digital eVoucher or a physical Gift Card to spend online on our website, over the phone or by post.

For more information, check out our Gift Vouchers here.

Whether you’re having a gift from ‘me to me’, or want to surprise someone special with something totally different in the post, a letterbox gift is a great idea for Christmas 2020.

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