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Pre-planted Spring Bulb Trays

Take the hassle out of creating beautiful flower displays with these amazing Pre-Planted Spring Bulb Trays.

Whether you’re a first time gardener or you’re just looking to take the hassle out of designing your flower beds and container displays. These Spring Bulb trays are the perfect way to do both in a quick and completely hassle free way.

These seed trays are 100% biodegradable and ready for planting, our “pre-planted trays” are the simplest way to plant perfect bulb displays in containers or borders. The egg-box-like planters have a bulb in each compartment; simply dig a hole, lay on the compost or soil, cover and water.

Meet the Pre-Planted Spring Bulb Tray Collection


This collection of Alliums is absolutely stunning. Made up of Allium aflatunense Purple and Allium neopolitan White bulbs. This pack contains everything you need for a hassle-free patio display.


Fill your container and patio pot displays with beautiful orange and yellow/ white flowers with this amazing pack. Containing Tulip Princess Irene and Narcissus Minnow.


The perfect display of purple and contrasting yellow tulips. This pack contains Tulip Queen of the Night and Tulip Tarda.

Tulips & Crocus

This Tulips & Crocus pack is filled with 7 Tulip kaufmanniana Scarlet Baby and 12 Crocus Ruby Giant. Perfect for for filling your patio pots with colour!

Narcissus & Scilla

An ideallic display of Narcissus & Scilla, filled with 7 Narcissus Tete a Tete and 12 Scilla Siberica.

All About The Love

These love heart shaped bulb packs are the perfect way to share the love with your friends and family. Alternatively just show some love to your flower beds by planting these beautiful ready- made flower displays.

Bulb – Starter Kit

All you need to get your bulbs off to the best start. Our set includes: 6 Bulb Planting Baskets: 3 Round and 3 x Square. Comfrey Pellets plant food (1 litre). Empathy Bulb Starter (500g). 1 bag Bulb Compost (20 litre).

So, whether you’re a first time gardener or you’re just looking to take the hassle out of designing your flower displays. Give your garden the best start this Spring.

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