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Prize Winning Cow Buys Amaryllis Bulb!

Red Lion Amaryllis Bulb

Red Lion Amaryllis Bulb

We have some wonderful customers who thankfully often take the time and trouble to share their gardening stories with us. These stories range from the informative to the thought provoking and sometimes are just highly entertaining. They often brighten our day!

One customer, Mrs Kath Shepperson, contacted us recently with a story that we felt we just had to share. Of course we did ask permission first!

Kath Shepperson’s father, Mr Adkins, was a farmer and back in 1939 he entered a cow in the Reading Show and won first prize. Feeling a little guilty that he’d left his wife back at the farm doing the milking he spent his 5 shilling prize on a Suttons amaryllis bulb. A lovely red flowering one. Thinking she’d be pleased he presented his wife with the bulb only to receive a telling off for having spent so much money! It turned out to be money well spent as the amaryllis flowered every year from 1939 until Mrs Adkins sadly died in 1994. All this time the amaryllis remained in the same pot (split but held together with wire) and was only fed with cow’s muck mixed with water.

Mrs Adkins had often said that when she died she would like the amaryllis bulb to be given to her friend and neighbour and this was done however the bulb refused to flower. Then one winter, the bulb was accidentally left in an unheated greenhouse where it became frosted and died. All was not lost however as Mrs Adkin’s daughter, Kath, had kept 2 small bulbils from the original bulb. As soon as these reached maturity they flowered and they’ve flowered every year since!

Many thanks Mrs Shepperson for sharing your lovely story with us!

Amaryllis Bulb Red Garden

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If anyone else has a story they’d like to share then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


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