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Queen of Months

“The world’s favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.”
– Edwin Way Teale

The blossom is already in full swing and the garden is carpeted with pink or white petals like summer snow; flowers are blooming in hedgerow and garden alike. May has to be the best month of the year – John Clare’s ‘Queen of months’, and if the gardening bug hasn’t bitten by now it will in May.

It has to be the busiest time too, the weeds are on turbo boost from sun and April showers, we’re transplanting our small plants outdoors now that the threat of frost has lessened and sowing our seeds as well – its all systems go outside.

The weather that we’ve had over the past month has been glorious for sun worshippers but it has thrown up some issues as far as the garden is concerned. The water butts are empty now but watering is absolutely essential. Keep up the watering routine even when rain is forecast – light showers won’t water the garden sufficiently, you’ll still need to get out there with the watering can. It’ll help to give the beds a good mulching which will help keep that important moisture in. Keeping an eye on pond water levels is very important right now too, they may need topping up after all of the hot weather we’ve had. They are not only a pleasure for us, they are a life line for wildlife and resident fish or tadpoles might be at risk.

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