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September Newsletter

A late summer garden has a tranquillity found no other time of the year.

~ William Longgood

Summer is coming to a close and autumn is just around the corner, so make the most of sunny days and warm evenings whilst they last. September is a month of harvest with tender veg still cropping, it’s time to squirrel things away for the less productive months. Saying that there’s still plenty to start growing, whether it be autumn cropping veg plants or quick and easy salad and leafy green seeds Have a read of the September Newsletter and you’ll have hearty meals and side dishes galore in no time!

September colour comes from dahlias, echinacea, rudbeckias and sedums whilst summer bedding can be removed now to make way for those winter flowering violas, pansies, bellis and primroses.

While spring seems a long way off, you can start planting your bulbs this month. With soil holding onto the summer heat, September is a perfect time to make new plantings… and if you haven’t made your selection yet or not sure where to start, try one of our bumper bulb collections or go for a more relaxed English wildflower meadow feel with our naturalising bulb collection.

September is also a very exciting time for us here at Suttons as we reveal our brand new seed range for 2021! After months of research, trials and selection from our horti experts we’ve found 45 new varieties of flower and vegetable seed that we think you are going to love. Read on in the newsletter to find out more and take a sneak peek into the new range…

The daily struggle to water, feed and deadhead comes to an end this month but there are plenty of jobs to take their place.

  • September is a good month for laying turf or for starting a new lawn from seed.
  • Before leaves start to fall, place netting over your pond. Do check the netting regularly to make sure no frogs or newts are trapped.
  • Now is a good time for planting perennials. The soil is still warm and the autumn rains will help the roots to establish.
  • Continue picking tomatoes, courgettes, beans and other tender veg. September is pickle and chutney making month!
  • Order and plant spring bulbs, there’s always room for a few more! Consider planting in an area where the bulbs can be left to naturalise. Remember that the planting hole needs to be roughly three times the height of the bulb.
  • To maximise on reducing light levels remove all shade paint from your greenhouse glass and give it a good wash.
  • Salad leaves started now will keep you going throughout the winter.
  • Plant onion sets, shallots and garlic for an early crop next year.
  • Towards the end of the month plant indoor bulbs to force for Christmas flowering.
  • Hardy annuals including sweet peas can be sown now. Protect over winter and your reward will be strong, early flowering plants next summer.

NEW Seed Range

Gardening was already in the top 5 hobbies in the UK and something tells us that due to recent events – it must be heading for that top slot!

So far this year, there has been a huge shift in interest towards the horticultural world, with a particularly popular demand for seed. With so many of us having taken refuge in our outside space through lockdown, new gardens and their keepers have sprung up everywhere, with some rekindling their passion whilst existing gardeners have simply grown more.

Therefore, Suttons have introduced new seed for 2021 that reflects both current trends and customers’ expectations.

Our new seed range is the perfect antidote as we move forward into the new season and is sure to capture the imagination of all who love their garden.

NEW Vegetable Seeds

Since 1806, Suttons have developed a reputation for quality, using their extensive knowledge and expertise to bring exceptional new varieties to the gardener. Our new 2021 vegetable seed range is no exception; unsurprisingly, Suttons have some wonderful cultivars in store, having added 30 new varieties to keep your allotments, veg patches and containers well stocked.

Our new 2021 vegetable seed range is no exception; unsurprisingly, Suttons have some wonderful cultivars in store, having added 21 new varieties to keep your allotments, veg patches and containers well stocked.

If this is your first time growing vegetables or you consider yourself a beginner, fear not. Growing vegetables from seed can be easy and much more rewarding watching your plants grow. Experience the magic of growing vegetables from seed and with our new seed varieties improving all the time you’ll be able to grow varieties of vegetables that are not readily available to buy.

We’ve put together our absolute must-haves to grow in 2021. Try our top of the range F1 hybrids that are specially bred for stronger plants and bumper crops or grow something completely different with our Luffa seeds – yes you can grow your own sponges! Add some colour to your garden with our Peppermint Swiss Chard or try your hand at growing fruit from home with our Mountain Cranberry and Wild Blueberry seeds.

NEW Flower Seeds

In 1858, Sutton’s Seeds began supplying flower and vegetable seeds to the household of HM Queen Victoria and received a prestigious Royal Warrant. That original standard of excellence still remains today and we share it with every gardener. Every single seed packet you buy has that same Royal seal of approval.

We have 16 new and exciting varieties of flower seed added this year, including cottage garden favourites, ‘must have’ annuals and the pick of perennials from seed for year after year colour, scent and interest to fill both garden and home – whilst keeping the wildlife happy too!

Our experts have been working hard to find flowers that really stand out in your flower beds and flower borders this season. We’ve introduced a selection of beautiful flowers that we’re sure you’ll all love! Whether you are looking to colour coordinate your flower beds or create stunning container displays with the latest flower varieties, our new flower seed range has something to quench your thirst for fantastic flower displays.

Go pretty in pink with our exclusive Sweet Peas supersonic or turn up the heat with our sizzling Coreopsis Sunburst… we’re going to explore some of our favourites of the new range!

#GreatBritishGrowOff Winners

Back in July we asked you to show us how you have used your garden or small space as best as possible, celebrating innovation in the garden. With four categories to enter we were truly amazed at the entries we received…

So without further ado here are our winners who will be receiving a £50 Suttons Gift Voucher to spend online!

Small Spaces

Jane Wells

I love my gardening and grow lots from seed , flowers and veg and grow lots of veg in between the flowers in the front and back garden but I wanted to create a veg area on a tiny courtyard we have.

First Time Growing

Sarah Davis

My son and I started growing vegetables and flowers at start of lockdown. He donated home grown sunflower seedlings for his teachers to grow during lockdown. The tallest at end of lockdown won a prize.

He also donated a variety of home grown vegatable seedlings for his teachers and his Nan to grow throughout lockdown.

Repurposed Gardens

Emma Brown

This 15-year old BBQ was heading for the tip as all the innards had died. I was also running out of space on my greenhouse shelf for potting and realised the BBQ fit perfectly at the back!

Family Growing

Nicola Dowling

Little John had a great time planting sunflower seeds and seed potatoes. He loved seeing them grow and sharing with friends. And he was amazed when several grew so tall they towered over the shed and his very tall mum and dad.

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their amazing stories with us. We are thrilled to see so many people spending more time in their gardens. We hope that you all had great fun taking photographs of your achievements and reflecting on how well they have all grown.

View All of Our entries here

Tips for Planting Spring Bulbs

The appearance of early spring flowers is when many of us breathe a sigh of relief. The dark days of winter are nearly over. Be they dancing daffodils, pure snowdrops or vibrant tulips, spring bulbs bring a welcome promise of longer, warmer days.

 Spring bulbs are nothing if not versatile. They will happily grow in containers, borders, through grass and under trees. And of course, some can be forced to flower indoors at Christmas.

Simple to grow and needing little aftercare your spring bulbs will do well if you follow the 10 simple tips in our ‘How To Plant Spring Bulbs’ blog. Press the button below to find out more.

Now Is The Time To Repair You Lawn

As we near the end of an exceptionally sunny summer, your lawn may have been transformed from a lush green colour to a dry, brown expanse resembling coconut matting. Recent rain will certainly have helped your lawn to recover but with a little extra TLC, you can easily restore to its former glory.

Here are 5 easy steps to follow to get that perfect lawn!

Step 1 – Remove moss and thatch using the Lawn Scarifier.

Step 2 – Aerate to reduce compaction and aid drainage using Lawn Spikes or the Lawn Aerator.

Step 3 – Feed to aid recovery using RHS Recovery 4Kg 80M² .

Step 4 – Overseed your lawn to bring it back to life using Suttons Rapid Green 625g.

Step 5 – Fight lawn pests with biological pest control.

Offer Of The Month

Bare Root Plants

Buy Any 3 Or More For Just £6 Each

We’ve got 3 beautiful new varieties, including Iris Mission Ridge, Iris Summer Olympics and Papaver Manhattan. Get your hands on these before the sell out!

Bare root plants are a more economical way to buy your perennials. Generally planted during the autumn or winter so less care needed once planted. Larger clumps of roots which will continue to grow during the winter meaning a stronger more established plant for good displays in the spring

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4 thoughts on “September Newsletter”

  1. Avatar Margaret says:

    My garden near Walton on the Naze is still going great guns. I have roses, dahlias( albeit small as it gets cooler. Mahonia is fantastic. The penstemon has come back flowering like crazy. There appear to be tine growths appearing on my lavender. Knophia still flowering, mauve mop head poppies. Fuchsias flowering like crazy, seems winter is not ready to do anything yet. Love my garden, . It needs a lot of attention now as the weeds are celebrating as well. Happy gardening in Covid especially. M.

  2. Avatar Bob Handy says:

    Don’t know where other readers live but here in the South East we’ve had a fantastic summer, a few weeks ago my garden thermometer hit 42 degrees c and it was too hot to sit outside during the day (my garden faces south). Even my olive tree has fruited this year.

  3. Avatar Hazel Brown says:

    How can I stop wasps from eating my pears just below the stalk causing to fall off before they are ripe? It is a medium sized tree so unable to to cover.

  4. Avatar Jennifer Wilkinson says:

    Wow! you are saying in this news letter that lawns are brown from sunny weather….well, the meterology office has stated that this summer has had the lowest recorded summer sunshine. with which I certainly would agree. Yes, Spring was fantastic, but not Summer even though we had a (very) few genuinely hot days.

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