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September Newsletter

Suttons September Newsletter



“September: it was the most beautiful of words, he’d always felt, evoking orange flowers, swallows, yet slight sadness and regret.”

– Alexander Theroux

Summer is coming to a close and autumn is just around the corner. Make the most of sunny days and warm evenings whilst they last. The daily struggle to water, feed and deadhead comes to an end this month but there are plenty of jobs to take their place. Spring may seem a long way off but bulbs can start to be planted this month. With the soil still holding onto the summer heat September is a good time to lift and divide perennials and to make new plantings. Dahlias, asters and rudbeckia will be flowering, providing not only late colour but also a late food source for nectar-feeding insects.

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  • September is a good month for laying turf or for starting a new lawn from seed.
  • Before leaves start to fall, place netting over your pond. Do check the netting regularly to make sure no creatures such as frogs or newts are trapped.
  • Plant bare root strawberry plants. Planting through a membrane will keep the weeds down and the moisture in.
  • Remove and burn any diseased foliage including rose leaves affected by black spot.
  • Order and plant spring bulbs, there’s always room for a few more! We’re giving away 5 red tulip bulbs with every order.
  • To maximise on reducing light levels remove all shade paint from your greenhouse glass and give it a good wash.
  • Cut yellowed asparagus ferns down to just above ground level and apply a mulch.
  • Plant onion sets, shallots and garlic for an early crop next year.
  • Indoor bulbs can be started now and will give colour in winter when the garden is out of bounds.
  • Hardy annuals including sweet peas can be sown now. Protect over winter and your reward will be strong, early flowering plants next summer.

September Catalogue

Suttons 2017 Seed Catalogue

Packed with new varieties and historical favourites our 2017 Seed Catalogue should be hitting your doormat on, or shortly after, the 8TH September. With 166 pages the catalogue includes flower and vegetable seeds plus quality garden equipment. We’re also launching a range of plants whereby those of you with greenhouses can request an early delivery. Our customers requested this service, we listened and here it is!

Request a Catalogue  

Back to School

The school holidays are over and no doubt many parents and children have mixed feelings! More and more schools now have Gardening Clubs which we at Suttons are keen to support. Our School’s Scheme enables parents and other supporters to benefit from generous discounts whilst also raising funds for the school to spend as they wish. Of course the school can also enjoy the discounts! Please contact us for details.

Blog Reminder

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augsut-sunflowerThose of you growing Suttons giraffe sunflower don’t forget your chance to win a cash prize for the tallest sunflower.

If we think you have then you will win its height in £1 coins, (that’s some bag of gold).

This year we have raised the winners pot and placed the coins on top of each other.

So instead of 1 metre = £44, 1 metre now = £308!

View last year’s winning sunflower here >


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