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September Newsletter

Do you remember how we danced that night away

Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play

September morning still can make me feel this way.

~  Neil Diamond and Gilbert Becaud

September is the only month never to have been named in any of William Shakespeare’s plays. However, this is more than made up for by the number of wonderful poems and songs dedicated to this beautiful month. Late summer turning into autumn winter is clearly a time of inspiration, so let’s talk about what is in stock this month!

This is a splendid month, often combining the best of summer with the best of autumn. We didn’t have the sunniest of summer’s this year, so let’s hope for sunshine and pleasant warmth combined with the start of fabulous autumn colour and a bumper harvest from our fruit and veg plants.

You will find that most of September colours are found from blooms of dahlias, echinacearudbeckias and sedums whilst summer bedding can be removed now to make way for those winter flowering violaspansies, bellis and primroses. Keep reading out September Newsletter and you will find plenty of information on our brand NEW spring bulbs ready for you to plant!

This time of year is also a very exciting time for us here at Sutton’s as we reveal our brand new seed range for 2022! After months of research, trials and selection from our horti experts, we’ve found 26 new varieties of flower, fruit and vegetable seed that we think you are going to love. Read on in the newsletter to find out more and take a sneak peek into the new range…

Our September Newsletter isn’t just all about new seed, as exciting as it is, we are also going to be discussing this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the first non-virtual show for well over a year. Of course, for the world’s greatest flower show we will be revealing our 5 fabulous nominations but before all of that, let’s talk seeds to sow this month, our top social posts, best-selling offers and so much more!

September Newsletter top tips of the month

Autumn heralds the arrival of shorter days and cooler weather, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy homegrown harvests from the vegetable patch. The daily struggle to water, feed and deadhead also comes to an end this month but here are some other jobs to take their place!

  1. September is a good month for laying turf or for starting a new lawn from seed.
  2. Before leaves start to fall, place netting over your pond. Do check the netting regularly to make sure no frogs or newts are trapped.
  3. Now is a good time for planting perennials. The soil is still warm and the autumn rains will help the roots to establish.
  4. Continue picking tomatoes, courgettes, beans and other tender veg. September is pickle and chutney making month!
  5. Order and plant spring bulbs, there’s always room for a few more! Consider planting in an area where the bulbs can be left to naturalise. Remember that the planting hole needs to be roughly three times the height of the bulb.
  6. To maximise on reducing light levels remove all shade paint from your greenhouse glass and give it a good wash.
  7. Salad leaves started now will keep you going throughout the winter.
  8. Plant onion sets, shallots and garlic for an early crop next year.
  9. Towards the end of the month plant indoor bulbs to force for Christmas flowering.
  10. Hardy annuals including sweet peas can be sown now. Protect over winter and your reward will be strong, early flowering plants next summer.

Fancy more? As much as our September Newsletter is full of handy info, check out our Monthly Garden Advice for more tips, tricks and jobs to do each month!

Our Suttons September Catalogue is Coming!

Our September Catalogue includes new bulbs, plants, bare roots, equipment and much more. If you haven’t received your free copy by the first week or so of September, order your FREE copy right here!

September Flowers to Sow

WonderWondering which flowers to sow in September? It’s time to sow calendula, larkspur, nigella and poppy seeds outdoors, plus wildflowers. In the greenhouse, sow cyclamen, pelargonium and schizanthus seeds and sow sweet pea seeds in a cold frame.

September Newsletter

Cerinthe Seeds – Honey Bee

Electric-blue, metallic-looking flowers. Excellent for bees, and ideal for cottage and wildlife gardens.

Height 60cm (24″). HA – Hardy annual.

September Newsletter

Sweet Pea Seeds – Sublime Scent Mix

Combining the best of attributes, a blend of the finest new colours available with extra flowers – the effect is sublime! Strong fragrance, long stems for cutting, and increased numbers of flowers – what more could you wish for?

Flowers June-September. Height 1.5-2m (60-78″). Scent 4. Floribunda “modern grandiflora” type.

September Newsletter

Convolvulus major Seeds – Trumpet Mix

A lovely climber. Quickly covers fences, trellises, sheds, etc. with pretty trumpet flowers. At the end of the season plants die, and no roots remain to grow again.

HA – Hardy annual. Height 2.4m (8′).

New Flower Seed – September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Californian Poppy Seeds – Lady Marmalade

Our new Californian Poppy seeds are a brand new flower that looks just like a rose! This variety is taller than most other types (40cm) like it, making them a standout and striking addition to every garden and patio they grow in. Lady Marmalade grows masses of semi-double blooms in golden yellow shades with orange centres, and although they are rather dainty looking, they are very hardy and ideal for poor, dry soils. If you would like a naturalised drift, this is great to let self seed. The delicate flowers are a magnet for bees and hoverflies and are spectacular for cut flowers, expanding your floral displays indoors. California poppies are super easy to grow in garden beds and flower borders, or you can try planting near veg and fruit for companion planting and pollination support.

September Veg to Sow

Wondering which vegetables to sow in September? The veg you sow now will keep your garden productive through the winter. Sow salad onions ready for early spring, broccoli for the first harvests next year, plus winter lettuce and radishes.

September Newsletter

Onion Seeds – Senshyu Semi-Globe Yellow

A good crop of round, straw-coloured bulbs by early July. Japanese bulb onion variety.

Specially bred for sowing mid-late August to mature in the following July. Not suitable for spring sowing.

September Newsletter

Broccoli Seeds – F1 Stromboli

A first-class variety producing long, tasty, dark green florets. Resistant to blindness from autumn sowings. Sow successionally for a long harvest season.

  • Long, tasty, dark green florets
  • Excellent for spring or autumn sowing
  • Sow successionally for a long harvest
September Newsletter

Onion (Salad) Seeds – Red & White Mix

Fast maturing spring onions with excellent flavour to liven up summer salads.

  • Contains 50% White Lisbon and 50% Apache

For salads, best sown in broad drills sparingly, into finely raked, firmed soil at a depth of 13mm (½”) in rows 30cm (12″) apart. Germination 18-24 days. Sow a pinch of seed regularly for continuous production.

New Veg Seed – September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Radish Seeds – Felicia

A fantastic new colour in French Breakfast types…PURPLE!

Long, slender roots which graduate to white at the tip, perfect to grow their red cousins. Crisp fleshed with a good, peppery flavour, easier to slice than round varieties. Can be used for snacking or garnish; even added to stir fry. Sow Mar-Sept, Harvest April- Oct.Sow liberally, but not too thickly into finely raked, moist, warm soil at a depth of 1cm in rows 25cm apart. (Germination up to 7 days). Thin seedlings if required. Sow small batches in succession every two weeks throughout the season to give you a constant supply. Grows best in beds that have plenty of organic matter added. Pull roots before they get too big as they can go woody and tough. Water well in dry weather.

Offers this Month – September Newsletter

Whether you’re looking for bumper bedding packs, tasty fruit and veg or garden furniture to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space, we have an offer for you that you can check out straight from our September Newsletter. You’ll find the best offers from our catalogues, alongside last-minute deals and exciting seasonal sales.

September Newsletter offers

Social Posts of the Month #MySuttonsJourney

We like to feature our gardening community in our monthly newsletter and reflect on some of the social posts you have shared with us every month. This month’s gardening antiques included colourful carrots, first potatoes have been dug up, homegrown goodness and letting the growing commence!

Below are our top 5 social posts of the previous month and if you would like the chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter, simply tag us and use the hashtag #MySuttonsJourney. 

Follow us on our social media pages and if you tag us with our hashtag, you could be featured in our next monthly newsletter!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021!

Back in May during the RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2021, we revealed 7 nominations that we will be entering for the September flower show Plant of the Year award 2021. However, we are now in fact nominating 5 breathtaking varieties for the show, with one entirely new plant to reveal. Stay tuned to find out more!

September Newsletter

Our New 2022 Seed Range has Landed!

Suttons introduces new varieties to get your taste buds tingling! We have extended our 2022 seed range with 26 new and tempting seed varieties, including flowers, vegetables and fruits. Suttons’ selection stands out from the crowd, offering even more choice to the home grower, perfect for planning the ultimate in veg patches and allotments as well as small space growing in patio pots this coming season.

New Veg & Fruit seeds 2022

Suttons’ 19 new and exciting vegetable and fruit seeds are sure to tempt both hardy growers and those new to the grow your own revolution. Here you will find varieties new to the market, those with better genetics, easy to grow and reliable croppers that are perfect for beginners, plus disease-resistant varieties for better harvests ahead… and a surprise new and exclusive in Runner Beans!

New Flower Seeds 2022

Get ready to grow something a little different! We’ve introduced a selection of fabulous new flower seed varieties this year. Our experts have been hard at work finding flowers with striking scents, dazzling colours and a ‘wow’ factor that will help keep your garden one step ahead.

Order and Plant Your Spring Bulbs, There’s Always Room for a Few More!

Spring flowering bulbs are so easy to grow. All you need to do is plant up your spring-flowering bulbs into your beds, borders and containers from September/October to December, then sit back and wait for the display to begin next spring and every year after! 

Best Time To Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring flowering bulbs are normally delivered from mid-September until the end of November, meaning you have a window of several months to plant your bulbs before you start to see the first signs of frost.

Generally, spring-flowering bulbs are well suited to a sunny patch in rich, well-draining soil. Depending on the variety, most bulbs can be planted at a depth of three times their height, and although it’s recommended to plant each bulb a certain distance from the next, you can simply throw them onto the soil and plant them where they land for a more naturalised look.

Most bulbs are ideal for naturalising, simply choose a spot where the bulbs will remain undisturbed – in a shady corner, or at the base of a deciduous tree and shrubs is ideal – and they will quickly multiply to create a carpet of plants that will delight you with a spectacular flower display year after year.

Grow Spring Bulbs for Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers can bring instant joy and colour to the home. However, shop-bought flowers (particularly from supermarkets) have likely been on a long journey before you even take them home and put them in a vase. Harvesting flowers from your own garden means a much longer vase life – and you’ll save yourself some money. 

When growing cut flowers, the process of planting and maintaining the bulbs is the same as growing them for outdoor enjoyment. The secret is to cut the flowers when they only just start to open and do so in the morning, as this is when they are most hydrated. This will give your flowers a fresh appearance and a long life inside your home.

For more information on growing spring-flowering bulbs, take a look at our growing guide.

Allotment Tips – September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Do you or someone you know own an allotment and want to find out helpful hints and tips each month? Lee Senior is an experienced horticultural writer, RHS Yorkshire in Bloom judge and horticultural consultant, who writes a monthly entree on allotment tips each month for Suttons blog.

Our September Newsletter discusses some gardening topics, but Lee tackles everything from what’s happening on the plot right now, from fruit and veg to greenhouse maintenance and jobs in the shed!

We hope our September Newsletter inspires you to pick up a fork and get gardening again this September. Be sure to keep us up to date with your RHS Chelsea Flower Show adventures or anything you have been doing in the garden this month.

Join the Suttons community today and take us with you on your gardening journey – #MySuttonsJourney

In addition to our September Newsletter, browse our latest blog posts for gardening advice, how-to guides and insights into new products.

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