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Slugs slugs slugs

Froggie!Back when I embarked on this little gardening journey of mine –  I had the best intentions.  I would not use any chemical pest control.  I would be the epitomy of hippy organic earth mother.  I would go out every night and pick the slugs and snails off and only use copper rings and “deterrents” as opposed to actually killing anything.

Firstly, my neighbours’ cat, who seems to have taken a liking to me started “visiting” my garden.  I am NOT a cat person.  In my head, I was all set to trap her and fashion a sort of iron maiden from bamboo canes and leave her in my garden as a warning to all other cats.  My boyfriend talked me out of it, as he didn’t want to visit me in jail and I got some cat repellent, which I just put where I thought the cat was coming into my garden.  Strike One…

Then I lost ALL my baby salad leaves to slugs, which was annoying but I didn’t worry too much.  I planted out my tomato seedlings in that spot instead…. they had those too.  So, I ended up getting some plants and some bright blue slug pellets (which according to the pack – don’t harm wildlife).  Strike Two…

Finally, I noticed that some flower bulbs that I put in weren’t coming up and on closer inspection, they had all been dug up and were just lying on top of the soil.  After asking around the office – the general consensus is that squirrels had something to do with it.  So I scattered the cat deterrent there too in the hope that this would discourage the squirrels or whatever was digging them up.  Strike Three… You’re Out!

I am fully aware I am making excuses – but I don’t have time to go and pick slugs off my plants every night and chasing cats et al from my garden.  Infact, I am not sure whether “staking out” my garden waiting for the cat to return would be a healthy past time.   Plus copper just doesn’t work or I happen to have “pro-copper” slugs in my garden

But I do have wildlife in my garden – found this little fella leaping about my runner beans having a slug lunch amongst the slug pellets.  Have seen him a few times so am relieved that he isn’t being hurt by the pellets.

Turns out I won’t be an earth mother after all.

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One thought on “Slugs slugs slugs”

  1. lis wallace says:

    Stop trying to interfere with nature so much. Birds need slugs and far better a garden with a few nibbled plants then one with no birds.

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