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Sow Salad For Summer – How To Grow From Seed


Salad crops are the key to having fresh salad on tap, either from the balcony or garden. Sow and grow and sow again. Our Grow Salad For Summer Range includes everything you need and we’ve even put together handy step by step guides!

Growing salad is something every gardener wants to do – especially since lockdown when some of our top selling seeds were lettuces. In the 15 weeks following March’s lockdown, our best-selling Lettuce Mix meant that the nation was ready to harvest 22 million homegrown lock down lettuces from this variety alone!

You decide how much time to invest


Perfect for beginners or those in a rush grow salad for summer with sprouting seeds in as little as 7 days! In 2-3 weeks, you will have a crop of luscious leaves and in 8 weeks you can harvest tangy spring onions, tasty radishes and crunchy carrots too.

If you have a bit more time – and because it’s well worth the wait – you can grow your own tasty tomatoes from seed in 12-14 weeks.

All our seeds have comprehensive instructions on the back of the individual seed packet.

Growing From Seed Outside

Choose Beetroot, Carrots, Chard, individual Lettuce, Radish & Spring Onion from the 8 weeks collection, excluding Cucumber.
➊ Make a line in the soil (a trench) with your fingers about 2cm deep.
➋ Sprinkle in the seed roughly one every 2cm following the instructions on the back of the pack or place your seed tape directly into the trench.
➌ Fill back in with soil and water to grow*

Growing From Seed In Pots

Choose from the 12-14 weeks Tomato collection, plus Cucumber from the 8-week collection.
➊ Fill a pot (with a hole for drainage) 2/3 full of moist seed compost.
➋ Make a hole in the compost with your finger about 2cm deep, pop in a seed, following the instruction on the back of the pack.
➌ Fill back in with soil and place in a tray on a windowsill to grow*

Growing Seeds in a Tray

Choose Baby Leaf Salad, Cress & mixes from the 7 days & 2-3 weeks collections, depending on how long you want to wait!
➊ Fill a seed tray (with holes for drainage) 2/3 full of moist seed compost.
➋ Spread seeds liberally over the tray, following the instruction on the back of the pack.
➌ Cover over with more compost, water and place in a tray on a windowsill*

How To Use Seed Tape

We’ve developed a new range of seed tapes that make seed sowing and crop planning easier than ever! Our top quality seeds are pre-spaced in a biodegradable tape which can be simply rolled out, covered with soil and watered. 

How To Grow Pea Shoots

Pea shoots provide beautiful fresh greens all year round! Pea shoots can be grown in trays or containers. Rob is using the popular Pea Shoots Twinkle in this handy growing guide!

➊ Fill a seed tray or container (with holes for drainage) 2/3 full of moist seed compost.
➋ Scatter in the tray, thickly and cover with compost. Water to ensure it stays moist.
➌ Label your tray on a place on your windowsill.

How To Grow Speedy Veg

A quick sowing guide to how to grow seedy veg with sustainable bamboo pots! Rob Smith is using the Leaf Salad, Italian Mix.

➊ Fill a seed tray or pots (with holes for drainage) 2/3 full of moist seed compost.
➋ Sprinkle your seeds not too thickly and cover with compost. Water to ensure it stays moist.
➌ Sit in a saucer or tray, label and sit it on a windowsill.

For some fun why not grow salad leaves as edible bedding, mixing them with other edibles and lettuce varieties into a pattern. Once they grow begin grazing salad leaves, cutting the older leaves and letting the younger ones come again. Continual sowing is the art to salad leaf supply and freeing you from the expensive and slightly tasteless vacuum-packed salad leaves!

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2 thoughts on “Sow Salad For Summer – How To Grow From Seed”

  1. Katie Brunt says:

    Hi Susan, we apologise on the delayed reply and hope this information is helpful to you. In November there is little that can be planted in the veg garden apart from Broad Bean seeds if you are in a mild area, also Garlic Cloves again if in a mild area. November is a good time to plant new fruit trees and bushes as long as the ground is not frosted or too wet.

    However, if you plan on planting this month, January is a great time to plant Broad Beans in pots and place them in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse. You can sow seed indoors for early crops eg lettuce, summer brassicas (eg cabbage caulis), spinach, salad onions and turnips. You can sow onion seed in a heated propagator. Good time to plant bare root fruit trees and bushes and also to prepare the vegetable beds and warm the soil by covering with clear polythene cloches or fleece.

    We hope this has been helpful to you.
    Best regards,
    The Suttons Team

  2. Susan Shiret says:

    Good morning, Is there any veg i can plant in the garden now.
    Kind regards

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