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Sunflower Giraffe – A brand new giant!

Sunflower Giraffe Seeds

To celebrate 2015 being the Year of the Sunflower Suttons is introducing 14 new varieties so there’s more to choose from than ever! Sunflowers are easy to grow, a great favourite with children and play an important part in helping our wildlife. What’s not to love about them?

One of the exciting new varieties is Sunflower Giraffe, a giant amongst giants. British bred by Victoria Wakefield this amazing sunflower is now on sale, with Suttons holding the exclusive rights.

Victoria developed Giraffe over a 30-year period by repeatedly selecting and crossing the seeds of the tallest sunflowers. The result? Possibly the tallest sunflower ever, consistently reaching 17ft and higher. Well done Victoria!

Once she was confident with the seed Victoria set about producing them commercially and this was achieved via a production farm in Africa where the seeds were mass grown for the British market. Having been bred and developed by Victoria at her home in Hampshire Sunflower Giraffe is perfect for the British climate.

So, how does Sunflower ‘Giraffe’ manage to grow so tall? Quite simply it flowers later than most other sunflowers and so has more time to put its energy into growing. From seeds sown in April Sunflower Giraffe will flower in August, by which time it will have reached a neck aching height of 17ft or higher.

Amongst the other 14 new varieties of Sunflower seeds, Suttons has The Joker with semi-double bicoloured blooms, Tasty Treat which is nearly completely edible, Titan with dustbin-lid-sized blooms and Goldrush which is the fastest to flower.

If you fancy joining the 2015 celebrations then order your sunflowers now whilst the whole range is available to choose from. Chances are they’ll sell very quickly. Click here for details.

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