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Suttons Jigsaws

With winter bringing short days, long evenings and inclement weather, many of us gardeners will be driven indoors, and what better way to spend that time than by completing an exclusive Suttons jigsaw puzzle?

The brand new range of Suttons jigsaws includes stunning images selected from our archives, some not having seen the light of day for over 100 years. These images include stylish Suttons catalogue covers from as early as 1870, watercolour illustrations from the 1920s, posters from the 1970s and even a photograph of the King visiting our winning stand at Chelsea in 1909!

Jigsaw 1

The jigsaws are handmade here in Devon using 100% recycled high quality millboard. To make the jigsaws the images from our archives were first digitised and enlarged to standard jigsaw size. These images are then printed, fixed to the millboard and then placed in gigantic presses where the shapes are cut using high pressure. The shapes are then separated by hand, bagged and placed in the presentation boxes, also printed and made here in Devon.

Unique and exclusive to Suttons our jigsaws are the perfect gift, either to a loved one or maybe just to yourself. These puzzles present quite a challenge and are ideal for adults and children from age 12 upwards. The boxes are of the tight size to fit through most standard letterboxes.


Studies have shown that as well as the fun of creating order from chaos, completing a jigsaw will: Stimulate the brain, increase concentration, sharpen the memory and expand creativity.

So what exclusive Suttons jigsaws are currently available?

Jigsaw 2

Daffodil Picking – A host of Cornish daffodils.

Garden Fayre – This beautiful watercolour formed the cover of a Suttons 1910 “occasional” magazine.

Prize Roots – An 1886 poster calendar showing rural scenes.

Champion Veg – A colourful selection of champion veg as illustrated in the 1926 edition of the Suttons Amateur Guide in Horticulture

Royal Visit – The Royal Visit 1909 – His Majesty King Edward V visits a Suttons prize winning show stand. The authentic centre fold remains on the image rather than having been digitally removed.


Garden Fayre – This beautiful watercolour formed the cover of a Suttons 1910 “occasional” magazine

English Bulbs 1908 – Formal display of spring bulbs in an English country house garden.

Autumn 1870 – The stylish front cover of an 1870 catalogue featuring imported “bulbous flower roots, plants and seeds”.

Jigsaw 3

English Bulbs 1928 – Colourful display of spring bulbs in a Lincolnshire field.

Bulb Catalogue 1930 – Golden daffodils line the riverbank.

Tulip Picking 1908 – Tulip picking in Holland

Tulip Harvest 1929 – Tulip picking in a Lincolnshire field.

Colonial – Suttons was exporting seed worldwide as early as 1841 and this colourful image is from one of those early catalogues.

Covent Garden – Artist’s impression of the Suttons shop, directly opposite Drury Lane Theatre. Now sadly sold.


Heritage Seeds 1973 – Catalogue cover using images from seed packet labels produced in the early 1900s.

In the Tropics – Stunning cover of 1878 catalogue produced for the Indian market.

Harvest – Colourful flowers and scrumptious veg awaiting final preparation

Seeds 1989 – Beautiful pickings fresh from the garden.

Place your order before the 16th December and we guarantee to deliver before Christmas. Order slightly later and we’ll try our hardest but make no promises.

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