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Suttons Lets The Images Do The Talking

Terrific tomatoes to tantalise your taste buds!

New blight-resistant and turbo grafted varieties, plus unique shimmery skin tones and customer favourites that certainly stand the test of time – all captured shining bright in gorgeous images. 

Big, bold, Buffalosteak

Grafted Tomato Plant – F1 Buffalosteak

Available as Super Plugs or Potted Plants 

1 x 10cm Potted Plant
Code: 20 00 44

3 x Super Plugs 
Code: 20 00 45

Get saucey! 

The first fully blight-resistant plum tomato! 

‘Roma’ style plum with a rich, deep flavour and solid, meaty flesh with few seeds – good for cooking and sauces.

Grafted Tomato Plant – Crimson Plum

Available as Super Plugs or Potted Plants 1 x 10cm Potted Plant
Code: 26 50 42

3 x Super Plugs 
Code: 26 50 44
£4.99 WAS £11.99 SAVE 58%

Grafted F1 Giulietta

A classic Italian plum tomato with superb disease resistance.
The perfect addition to a sunny pot in the garden or greenhouse.

Grafted Tomato Plant – F1 Giulietta

Various Plant Sizes

1 x 10cm Potted Plant
Code: 23 03 51

3 x Super Plugs 
Code: 23 03 81
£4.99 WAS £11.99 SAVE 58%

Time to shimmer and shine!

Very sweet and fruity, these beautiful tomatoes look perfect shimmering in summer salads. 

Larger than a cherry tomato but smaller than a Roma! The perfect addition to any vegetable patch at home or on the allotment.

Grafted Tomato Plant – Shimmer

Available as Super Plugs or Potted Plants 3 x Super Plugs 
Code: 26 51 41
£4.99 WAS £11.99 SAVE 58%

1 x 10cm Potted Plant
Code: 26 51 39

Grafted Veg Offer

Buy 3 or more potted veg plants from our grafted range for just £4.50 each!
Simply add 3 plants of the same variety to your basket to activate your discount.

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Tomato Plant – Sweet & Sturdy

Two fantastic tomatoes for picking all summer long! Brilliant for a balcony, perfect in a patio pot or great in the garden!

1 x 12cm Potted Plant
Code: 26 26 07

3 x 12cm Potted Plants
Code: 26 26 09
£20.99 £32.97 SAVE 36%

1 x 2 -Litre Potted Plant 
Code: 26 26 11

1 x 5-Litre Potted Plant
Code: 20 08 67

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