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Suttons Seeds Supporting Orphans in Zambia

It’s always a bonus when suppliers get along and even better when they join forces to help others. This is exactly what happened recently on a project with Haxnicks and Suttons Seeds helping orphans in Zambia to grow their own vegetables.

A charity called The Heal Project funds an orphanage for HIV infected children and orphans of this dreadful disease. It all started with one mother called Jean and her three children. Jean loves children and babies and soon some of her friends died leaving her their children and babies. Often if a mother dies from HIV the family will blame it on the baby as they know the disease is sexually transmitted, the family will than abandon the child. Jean has taken these children in or they have been left on her doorstep. She now has thirty children and the project has funded the orphanage and their living costs.

Haxnicks founder Damian Cardozo and his family recently visited the orphanage to help create a vegetable garden which in turn would provide a more varied diet then their standard maize and cabbage.

Suttons donated a large amount of vegetable seed and this combined with a range of Haxnicks garden products and a huge amount of effort from Damian and his family enabled a vegetable garden to be created. Children from the orphanage chose their own packets of seeds with the most popular varieties being cucumbers, strawberries and melons! Haxnicks rootrainers were used for the larger seeds such as squash, melons and cucumbers and the speciality tomatoes. When the rootrainers had all been used the children ran off to find any old empty plastic water bottles and cups to sow more seeds.

With a well-timed downpour of rain and temperatures of 25 degrees within 4 days all the radishes, squash, melons and courgettes were already shooting!

The orphanage has the space to make the garden bigger, they could even develop it into a small business and those good people from Haxnicks are keen to return one day and help. When they do, we will make sure that they take a plentiful supply of Suttons seeds with them for the children to sow and grow.

For more information on the Heal project please visit

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