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Top Five Perennial Plants

Perennial plants come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing your favourites is a fun way to add interest to your borders. For the best results, our resident experts recommend planting perennials in small groups in your borders.

It’s the time of year to brighten your patios and your outdoor spaces with big, beautiful colour. Our collection of the perennials plants means you can still create bright displays with impact, no matter how much space you have. Whether you fancy making the most of your balcony or adding something different to your patio and flower borders Suttons Perennial Collections is the place to start.

Selecting The Right Perennial Plant

Our perennials are supplied as large, well established potted plants delivered directly to your door. To get the best results it is worth taking more care when you plant them.

Once you have selected the right spot in your borders or patio containers, the plants can planted straightaway. Dig over the area, incorporating garden compost or other well-rotted organic material to help retain moisture, this is especially important on light, sandy soils.

Prior to planting, rake in a general fertiliser such as Growmore or Bonemeal. Take out a hole large enough to accommodate the root ball so that the top is level with the compost surface.

Fill in around the roots with soil or a mixture of soil and potting compost, firming as you go. Water the plants immediately after planting to settle the soil around the roots. It is important to keep the plants well-watered during dry spells.

Top Five Perennial Plants

Looking for the most popular Perennial Plants for your garden? We are sure to have varieties to tempt you! These perennial plants will fill your borders with reliable perennial colour and interest for years and years!

Hardy Fuchsia – Delta Sarah

How beautiful is the hardy Fuchsia? The Fuchsia Plants, Delta’s Sarah is a beautiful plant and a very popular variety of fuchsia. This hardy fuchsia produces large violet- blue and white flowers. These two tones contrast beautifully together and create fantastic displays of colour. Fill your flower beds and flower borders with these magnificent plants to really show them off in your garden.

Agapanthus – Blue & White

Magnificent mix combining blue ‘Queen of the Ocean’ and white ‘Polar Ice’ and the large spherical blooms are magnificent in cut flower displays. The Blue & White Mix has architectural seed heads that continue the display well into autumn. Impressive perennials – hardy in many parts of the UK. Flowers July-September. Height 100-150cm; spread 60-70cm.

Sedum Atlantis

RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Plant of the Year Winner 2019!

Sedum Atlantis is a plant for our times…drought tolerant, suitable for small spaces and attractive to bees. Its striking foliage forms rosettes of serrated green leaves with thick, creamy margins and tips that turn a pink blush in the autumn. The pink tinged flower buds open to bee magnet yellow flowers.

Limonium – Dazzle Rocks

The Limonium, Dazzle Rocks is very unique because we are the first ever to exclusively sell it anywhere in the world! That means you could be one of the first people in the world to have this beautiful plant in your garden. 

Known as Sea-Lavender, Statice, Caspia or Marsh-Rosemary, Limonium has more bee friendly varieties than it does nicknames!

Rudbeckia Plants – Goldsturm

Rudbeckia Plants, Goldsturm are easily identifiable by their vibrant daisy-like flowers surrounding an eye-catching conical disk. It’s no wonder that the Rudbeckia Plants – Goldsturm was winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, producing long lasting golden-yellow blooms with distinct dark centres. These flowers look amazing as cut flowers around your home. 

Gardeners love trusty perennials plants! Easy to grow, colourful and varied, these herbaceous plants emerge year after year, making them great value for money. Which varieties will you choose?

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