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Top 10 Bare Root Rose Plants

If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears. – Isaac Hayes

Roses are the most traditional and celebrated of flowering garden plants and are regularly voted Britain’s favourite flower. That’s why we’ve put together this Top Ten Guide to celebrate this classic flower.

No garden is complete without Roses. Roses are the perfect flower for creating that romantic, quintessentially British garden. Roses are admired for their growth, fragrance and foliage. They flower in the summer months creating a sea of pastel and vibrant shades of pink, cream, yellow to reds, purples and oranges.

Whether its patio roses, border roses or pergola roses, you can incorporate this beautiful flower whatever the size of your garden. Roses will all thrive in sun or partial shade, and make stunning cut flowers as a gift or to decorate your home. With our guide to the Top Ten Bare Root Rose Plants, you’ll have your very own rose garden in no time.

When should I plant bare-root roses? 

On receipt remove the plant from the packaging straight away and plant in its flowering position. If soil conditions are unsuitable for planting at the time of receipt, the plants can be potted up and stood in a sheltered part of the garden until conditions improve.

Plant bare-root roses in the late autumn, and from late winter to early spring, before growth, resumes. You must avoid planting in the middle of winter when the ground is frozen.

It depends on the variety of rose but most roses prefer a sunny site with at least half a day’s sunshine. They are a great choice for anyone with clay soil but are happy in any fertile soil with good drainage.

How to plant bare-root roses 

  1. Upon receiving your bare root roses they will need rehydrating – Rehydrate in a bucket of water for a minimum of 2 hours before planting. 
  2. Start to prepare your soil by removing any stones or dead weeds. 
  3. Dig a hole big enough for the roots of the rose – to the depth of a garden spade. 
  4. Fork the base of the hole and add a handful of granular fertiliser then gently firm the base of the hole with your foot. 
  5. Position the bare root rose in position – Use a bamboo cane to help judge the final soil level. 
  6. Fill around the roots with the soil that was originally dug out the whole then gently firm the soil around the rose. 
  7. Water the rose well and add well-rotted compost to the surface of the soil to help keep it moist.
Rose Care

Caring For & Pruning Roses

Roses will need feeding regularly. Water in the evening and give roses a good drink and always avoid watering the foliage. Remove any faded blooms to encourage continued flowering. Some roses may also need plant supports.

Pruning should take place in March or before new growth emerges, removing all dead, thin or weak branches and reducing the height by 1/3 to 2/3rds of the previous season’s growth.

No pruning is required in the first year for Climbing Varieties like our Scent From Heaven, except for the removal of dead, damaged or diseased wood. In the second year, climbing roses are pruned in mid-autumn when they have finish flowering. Side shoots are pruned back by approximately two thirds or to 3-4 buds. The main stems are not pruned unless they are outgrowing their allotted space in which case they can be trimmed back. If the plant becomes very bare at the base cut 1 or 2 of the main shoots back to about 90cm to encourage growth from lower down the plant.

What are the best bare-root roses to buy? 

Selecting the right roses for your gardening is exciting but, with a range of varieties to choose from it can also be very daunting. We’d like to make this process easier for you and have compiled a list of our top ten bare root roses. 

The annual Rose of the Year Competition trials new roses from across the world, taking into account their performance on UK soil. Here at Suttons, we are thrilled to be able to offer the most current award winner – Rose of the Year 2021 – Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour

Rose of the Year 2021!

The Belle de Jour has an intense fragrance with hints of vanilla. Yellow buds with flashes of flame open to reveal golden-yellow blooms with masses of petals. Vigorous growing variety the Belle de Jour’s blooms can grow up to 7cm across. This rose variety will make a beautiful addition to borders or as a low hedge – With excellent disease resistance and a vigorous, upright habit. You can also create beautiful flower arrangements, as this variety will last really well when cut for the vase. Flowers June-October. Height 100-150cm; spread 90-100cm.

Hot Chocolate

Novelty Rose of the Year 2006!

Hot Chocolate is a really unique colour flower and definitely one to go for if you’re looking for something different. Popular amongst horticulturalists – it has glorious vintage coloured blooms. Petals are shades of orange tinged with red and dusky pinky brown. Very easy to grow and disease resistant. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers June-October. Height 90-100cm; spread 80-90cm.

Scent From Heaven

Rose of the Year 2017!

Scent From Heaven is a wonderful climbing rose with superb disease resistance. It starts flowering early summer to produce strongly fragrant blooms of rich orange with delightful shades of apricot and peach. Bred in Britain by Chris Warner. Renowned for this climbing and rambling roses, he has been praised for this rose in particular for its excellent disease resistance! Perfect for any garden, this rose is great for climbing over unsightly walls or sheds. Flowers June-September. Height 301cm+; spread 200-250cm.

Precious Amber

Award-Winning Variety!

The Precious Amber will produce beautiful blooms of apricot, amber and orange shades that are lightly scented. Repeat flowering with colour from June-September. Height 60-70cm; spread 60-70cm. Precious Roses are award-winning varieties that rightly deserve their accolades. Boundless blooming, super healthy and also ideal for patio pots and filling gaps in beds and borders.

Joie de Vivre

 Rose of the Year 2011!

Joie de Vivre is a small, compact rose variety. Producing clusters of large old fashioned shaped flowers. The dark green foliage provides a wonderful backdrop for the blush apricot blooms that are produced in quick succession. Beautifully sweet fragrance flowers are the classic rosette type. Floribunda type. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers June-October. Height 50-60cm; spread 40-50cm.

Timeless Purple

RHS Award of Garden Merit winner

As included in our Timeless Collection the Timeless Purple is a gorgeous regal purple variety. Definitely, one that catches your eye. These pinkish-purple blooms are richly perfumed and will put on a scrumptious display in any garden or patio containers. Perfect for homegrown cut flowers as new growth repeat flowers quickly after cutting. So good for creating beautiful but easy flower arrangements. Flowers June-September. Height 90-100cm; spread 90-100cm.

Special Anniversary

RHS Award of Garden Merit winner

Special Anniversary is one of the largest and most fragrant varieties I have ever seen. An outstanding hybrid tea bush rose, producing a bushy, compact plant with glossy green foliage and large, lustrous pink double blooms that will fill the air with their delicious scent throughout summer and autumn. A perfect rose to mark any ‘special anniversary’. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers June-September. Height 80-90cm; spread 40-50cm.

Champagne Moment

Rose of the Year 2006!

Champagne Moment is a rose to celebrate! Producing clusters of creamy pink buds open to reveal flowers of pale blush with a deep apricot centre. Blooms will produce a stunning light fragrance to fill the garden during the summer into the autumn months. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, these roses will create a show-stopping display in beds and borders or patio pots and containers.

Absolutely Fabulous

Rose of the Year 2010!

Absolutely Fabulous is a compact growing rose perfect for the border or in a container on a sunny patio. Superb clusters of ruffled sunshine-yellow fully double blooms with a distinct liquorice scent are produced throughout summer and into autumn. Looks ‘Absolutely fabulous’ in any garden! Floribunda type. Flowers June-September. Height 90-100cm; spread 90-100cm.

Mum In A Million

RHS Award of Garden Merit winner

Which Mum doesn’t deserve a beautifully scented rose? Mum In A Million is a renaissance type rose with bright pink petals. These rose plants will look stunning planted in a border or sat in a sunny patio pot. You will enjoy masses of flowers throughout the summer. Perfect for cut flowers, to make floral displays. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers June-September. Height 90-100cm; spread 50-60cm.

We have many rose plants for sale, including the golden floribunda rose offers months of flowering and a delightful scent, perfect for a border or pot. For Your Eyes Only is a beautiful floribunda rose that will flower continuously throughout the summer. This rose plants unique flowers have a distinct darker centre and prominent bright yellow stems to sit on a sunny patio.

If you like rose cut flowers, bring them indoors. Our Timeless Collection for the Home Florist is for you. You’ll also find a handy guide on creating your own floral arrangements. Browse our full collection below because a garden is not a garden without a rose.

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