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Transform Your Garden During Lockdown

If you started gardening in the first lockdown, it’s time to get your hands dirty and pick up the garden fork again!

Our gardens, patios, balconies and windows are one of the few but greatest spaces you can spend your free time this month. Whatever your motivations are to get busy, it’s great to use this time to make a positive impact to your wellbeing and outdoor spaces.

The events this year have created a new wave of interest in gardening and gardeners of all ages and experience levels have turned to growing their own fruit and veg. Come along and join the team and get planting and inspire a transformation all around your garden and home.

To get you going, why not treat yourself and invest in some brand spanking new gardening equipment or modernise your outdoor decor? We have plenty of top tips to help you through your gardening journey this month from what seeds can still be sown now, how to make the most of your outdoor space and dare say as if this year hasn’t passed by quick enough, but how to start your Christmas garden now!

A Happy Garden is a Happy Mind

There are positives to be found in staying at home and growing plants because having a garden you love can bring a wealth of health benefits during unsettling times. For the avid gardener, this is the golden opportunity to do what you enjoy all day long and for the beginner gardener, get yourself involved in all the garden galore. 

Alongside other physical exercises, relaxation and educational activities, gardening does it all and connects you back with the beauty of nature. Here’s a list of just a few of the great health benefits:

wellbeing and growing plants

Grow your self-esteem – If you helped a flower grow, what else can’t you do?

Get fit – Lifting those heavy spades and plant pots will see bicep gains and calories burnt. 

Reduce stress Put your mind into something else and help your plants thrive instead. 

Be happy – Put a spring in your step and serve up your own fruit and veg. There’s no better feeling than having a garden you have brought back to life.

Check out this Gardening Therapy Sign… it says it all!

But before you get stuck in, it’s an idea to slow down and take it all at your own pace. If you’re unsure of where to start, tackle those put-off garden tasks first. Give yourself a fresh canvas to start off with before you get planning, get planting and get producing a wonderful garden display.

There’s Still Time to Sow!

Wondering which flower and veg seeds to sow this lockdown? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s still plenty of time and plenty of seeds to plant in your garden or patio. All you need to do is decide which ones to grow!

Flower seeds to Sow in November

Plan ahead and make early sowings of geraniums, plus nemesia and coleus. You can also sow Cactus and other Houseplant Seed Varieties this month, so why not try growing something a little different?

Veg Seeds To Sow in November

Get an early start with our autumn sowing varieties, including the nation’s favourite to grow – The Sutton!

A new month and a new set of gardening tools? Sounds about right.

If your job before sowing your seeds is to clear away those pesky weeds, why not treat yourself to a new Weeding Fork and Hand Hoe to help keep them at bay. When it comes to planting your seeds, a Hand Cultivator will loosen the soil in your vegetable patch or border and a Large Dibber will make planting seeds as easy as possible. But don’t forget about the most iconic garden tool there is, a Flowerbed Trowel will become your new best friend when you get digging. 

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

The temperature is dropping and it’s starting to get a little frosty, but there are no excuses when it comes to gardening! Let’s get growing indoors and produce your own herbs, veggies, salads and houseplants and watch them come to life in your very own home. This is a great way to continue planting all year round and a perfect option for small space gardens. 

light garden

Light Garden

Grow what you love and love what you grow with the range of elho® products. The smart Light Garden has a special coloured bulb optimising growth from seed to blossom and makes growing herbs and veggies super easy. Just add your own pots, plant the seeds of your choice and watch them spring to life. 

Micro Grow Light Garden

Micro Grow Light Garden

Alternatively, the Micro Grow Light Garden will help grow a range of salads and can even be used for early season seed starting! 

Indoor Plant Light

Indoor Plant Light

If you already have a beloved collection of houseplants or want to grow your own, give them a helping hand with the Indoor Plant Light. This will keep them healthy and thriving for months to come by giving them an extra boost of natural daylight!

 Invite Your Feathered Friends Over

Invite all the wild birds to your garden this lockdown and Christmas with a new range of wonderful bird feeders and bird houses. They make a charming addition to every garden and are a thoughtful gift for bird watchers and wildlife lovers!

There are many varieties of birds you can spot from your window, but if you provide them with a tasty meal and warm home, they will keep coming back for more. In return, they will fill your garden with the sounds of delightful bird songs and bring your garden to life.

New Bird Feeders

Supersized Bird Feeder

Supersized Bird Feeder

The more the merrier with this Supersized Bird Feeder! If regularly filling up your bird feeder ever slips your mind, then try the supersized option. With 12 ports each with a landing perch, attracted birds will be back for more and more of this feast!

Peanut Butter Bird House

Peanut Butter House

Birds go nuts for peanut butter, and we have a great way to serve it to them. This contemporary Peanut Butter House has been designed to fit a jar of bird peanut butter for wild birds to devour. Keep on trend with grey decor and provide a high-energy nutritious meal station. 

New Bird Houses

Acorn Bird House

Acorn Bird House

Give wrens, great tits and sparrows a safe home with this super cute Acorn Bird House. Crafted in the shape of an acorn, this will help them out during the cold winter months to shelter against strong weathers and raise their adorable little chicks. 

Bird Boxes

Bird Boxes

If you prefer a traditional style of bird houses, the Great Tit, Blue Tit and Wren Bird boxes provide a secure place to nest with a pitched roof for extra special home comforts. Nurture nature and help a bird family out this winter.

These are just a few of the common garden birds you might see!

Make the Most of Every Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces are a little getaway from the four walls we are seeing much more of lately and brings you close to nature and its beauty. If you have a large garden, small patio, balcony or windowsill, the opportunities are endless when it comes to outdoor decor or gardening equipment and there is something which fits all.

Whether your style is modern, traditional or zen, we have a variety of decor and equipment which can really tie your garden together and give it an all-year-round appeal. 

It’s about time for a well-deserved treat for yourself or a fancy garden gift for a friend this Christmas. 

Plant Stands & Theatres 

When choosing to accessorise, the colour, shape, size and purpose of your plant display is really important, and we have considered this throughout our range of plant stands and theatres.

Trough planter hanging from shed

Hanging Trough Planter

The Hanging Trough Planter is perfect for growing strawberries and is a great space saver. Suspend from the garden shed or wall, or even indoors to grow cacti, and have yourself a stunning 3 tiered planter boasting colourful crops in a trendy display. 

corner stand plant

Corner Plant Stand

Add a touch of contemporary sculpture and modern design through the Corner Plant Stand in your garden. An elegant way to show off your plant collection as well as an striking feature. It has been intricately designed to save space and fit into any corner of an outdoor space or indoor room. 

plant theatres

Plant Theatres

Inspired by the original 17th and 18th century auricula theatres, the Bronze Metal and Painted Wood Theatres are another attractive way to organise your favourite flowers. They have been crafted with exceptional care and considerations of space in mind. Use free standing on a porch or mounted on a wall outside. 

Stone Ornaments 

Ornaments can apply another dimension to a garden and can be placed in discrete places to create a charming setting.

stone ornament

Tealight Greenman

Light up your garden with this cheeky chap Tealight Greenman and his beloved partner Tealight Greenlady. These two will age beautifully and bring nature, spirit and magic wherever you are. 

flower pot

Buddha Flower Pots

Add a touch of zen and serenity with the Buddha Flower Pots. Perch amongst the flowerbed or on the windowsill and they will bring good vibes to your flowers. 

solar gnome

Solar Garden Gnome

Adding tongue-in-cheek charm to any garden, patio or porch! The Solar Garden Gnome comes in assorted designs, we hope one of these lucky fellas can find a place to stay in your home.

VegTrug and Grow Tables 

Make growing outdoors easy and accessible in any shape or size of garden you have!

Veg trug home kit

VegTrug Home Farm Kit

The VegTrug raised bed planter offers a stylish way to grow delicious salads and nutritious fresh vegetables on your patio, or in the garden with this great space-saving growing solution. It creates a productive miniature vegetable garden with a sturdy and attractive raised growing platform. Choose from a variety of decorative colours – the charcoal grey is particularly on trend!

Grow table

Grow Table

Create your own edible or floral garden, even with limited space, using the innovative Grow Table. Fill with compost and sow seeds, or transplant seedlings and plants, then pop on the Grow Table Lid (available separately) to create the ideal growing conditions for your plants.

Start Your Christmas Garden

Let The Festivities Begin!

It’s time for some Christmas cheer and there isn’t a better way to get into the festive mood than to start getting up those classic Christmas decs! It’s never too early to start decorating, so why not give your garden and outdoor space some consideration too.  

Our Christmas garden decorations will hit the ground running and spread the Christmas spirit. These are just a few suggestions to make warm memories during those cold days and frosty nights. 

Garlands & Bells

Add a festive touch to your garden with our range of Christmas garlands and large ringing bells! Whatever outdoor space you have, create a warm and ambient tone anywhere from your window and porch to your garden bushes and patios.

A New Year a New Wreath

Festive wreath on door

LED Wreath

You can’t go without a wreath at Christmas! Add some magic and joy to your front door with our LED Wreath. With warm white light producing a soft subtle glow, this makes the perfect traditional welcome to the home at Christmas.

We hope this has inspired you for your next adventure in gardening!

Join the Suttons community today and head over to our Facebook and Instagram page and take us with you on your gardening journey – #mySuttonsJourney

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