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What’s good about winter?


So what’s good about winter? Thankfully the answer is that there’s simply loads of things that are good about winter, especially for gardeners. Here’s just a few:

– Parsnips taste so much sweeter once they’ve been frosted
– Sloe gin and sherry on a cold evening – but not in the same glass!
– A chance to plan the garden and list what changes you want to make when spring arrives
– Christmas – don’t gardeners always welcome thick warm socks?
– Log fires, closed curtains and a warm cosy house
– Cold weather killing off nasty garden pests and bugs
– Scented candles – especially good if the dog is a bit smellySuttons 2015 Catlaogue
– An afternoon spent browsing the Suttons seed catalogue or website selecting what you want to grow next year
– From the warmth of the house watching birds refuelling on the feeders and bird table – remember they also need fresh water
– Having an excuse not to garden – best to keep off the wet soil and frosted grass
– Long hot baths
– Chance to tidy the shed and clean the tools
– Making and probably breaking a New Year’s resolution
– Not having to mow the lawn
– Lovely houseplants to enjoy such as cyclamen, amaryllis, poinsettia, Christmas cactus and indoor bulbs
– Stews and casseroles using home-grown veg
– Kale in February
– Snow and building a snowman with the children
– Long walks with the dog – remember to light that scented candle when you get home
– Scarves, gloves and hand warmers
– Baggy jumpers to hide the Christmas over indulgence

What have I missed? Post a comment with what you love about winter and help us to keep the winter blues away.

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