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Why Buy Plug Plants?

Suttons Extra Value Plug Plantss

Plug plants are a great value way to buy plants if you don’t wish to grow from seed.

Our bedding plants are supplied in five size options, ranging from extra value plugs to established 9cm potted plants. They are available in a variety of pack sizes to cater for every size of garden.

Extra Value Plugs

Packs of 45. Available April.

Suttons Extra Value Plug Plantss

These are our best value plugs. We’ve germinated the seed for you and grown them into small plants. They will need to be potted on, which will take a little care, but you know how many plants you will get and the value is superb. Each plant costs as little as 9p.

Please note: our Extra Value plug plants trays contain extra cells – over and above the stated quantity – so you will usually receive a few extra plants, even if some cells are empty.

Value Plugs

Packs of 20. Available May.

Suttons Value Plug Plants

These plants have been grown on in larger plugs and while they still need potting on, they are larger and more robust. From as little as 21p per plant, they provide the perfect balance between value and effort.

Garden Ready Plugs

Packs of 15. Available mid-May.

Suttons Garden Ready Plug Plants

These plants have been grown on to the point where they are ready to plant in your garden once the threat of frost has passed. They still represent great value from 57p per plant, so simply sit back and watch them grow!

Super Plugs

Packs of 6. Available May.

Suttons Super Plug Plants

Some of the highest quality varieties need to be nurtured from cuttings into these Super Plugs from 98p per plant. For the best results, you may want to pot these on in the greenhouse for a few weeks before planting them out.

9cm Potted Plants

Packs of 3. Available from May onwards.

Our largest sized bedding and patio plants are grown in 9cm diameter pots from £1.66 each. Ready to plant straight into your garden where they’ll give instant impact.

Upon delivery

On delivery of your plants you need to do this straight away:

  • Carefully unpack your plants and check that the compost is moist.
  • If it’s dry, water carefully using a small watering can and allow to drain.
  • Stand in a light, warm place and then follow the ‘growing on’ instructions. Provided they are kept moist, they can usually be left for up to 3 days.

Your plants have been grown under ideal conditions and inspected by one of our experts prior to careful packaging and despatch by post. However, should they have been damaged or delayed during delivery, please contact us immediately.

Caring for Plug Plants

Remember to ensure all summer bedding plants are protected from spring frosts. Do not plant outdoors before late May/early June.

Extra Value and Value Plugs:

Preparing the ground

To reduce the need for weeding, dig over your planting area a couple of weeks before you intend to plant out your plugs. As the soil warms, weed seeds will germinate and you can remove them before you plant up your display.

Potting on

A 7cm pot filled loosely with moist compost is ideal to plant these sturdy young plants into. In each pack of extra value plug plants, you will find a dibber stick. If you intend to plant plug plants through the side of hanging baskets you can use a smaller pot than 7cm and transfer into baskets when well established.

To remove your plugs, gently push up through the base hole of each cell and ease the plant and root plug out of the tray. Place it into the centre of the filled pot, so that the roots of the plug are covered. Firm the compost gently around the base of the plug whilst ensuring the stem and leaves remain above the top layer. Alternatively, plant into trays of compost. A 36 x 22cm tray will hold up to 24 plants.

Keep them warm

Grow on in a light place at a temperature of 16 ̊C (60 ̊F). For Begonia and Impatiens 18 ̊C (65 ̊F) would be even better to encourage quick establishment.

Garden Ready Plugs:

As their name suggests, these plants are ready to plant in your garden once the threat of frost has passed.

Super Plugs:

For the best results, pot these on and keep them in the greenhouse for a few weeks before planting them out.

9cm Potted Plants:

These are ready to plant straight into your garden where they’ll give instant impact.

General Care Advice

  • To achieve that stunning summer-long display, please ensure that you regularly check your plants to ensure that they have adequate water and feed them regularly.
  • When planting in containers, mix a slow-release plant food, plus some water-storing crystals into the compost. They will then need less attention throughout the summer.
  • Watering below the foliage canopy of the plants will reduce marking and damage to the flowers.
  • Removing the dead and damaged flower heads will not only improve the appearance of the plants but will also prevent the plant from putting energy into seed production and ensure that more flowers are produced.

Watch Them Grow!

The large the plugs, the smaller the effort! By buying plug plants, you can focus on the fun part – planning your summer garden look. So, select your favourites and get creative with glorious colour schemes to create show-stopping displays throughout your flower beds, borders, pots and hanging baskets.

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One thought on “Why Buy Plug Plants?”

  1. Helen watson says:

    I have received super plug tomato varieties and have potted them on . some of the roots are growing through the membrane surrounding root ball , so I have not tried to push the plant out of its mesh but no specific mention of this is giving in the growing instructions for the Super plug . Should I have done that?

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