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A red-fleshed apple that’s like no other

Lubera is a Swiss nursery owned by Markus Kobelt and his wife Magda. The couple may have developed the company into what it is today, but it is a business that is definitely in Markus’ blood – his great grandfather placed his first advertisement for trees in a newspaper in 1889 and three generations have been involved in it since. His breeding programme has resulted in many exceptional new varieties of raspberries, blackcurrants, currants and apples, among others.

Redlove® is part of this programme; it’s the world’s first delicious red-fleshed apple. Now you may have tried red-fleshed apples before, but they’ve generally been a disappointment when it comes to taste. Redlove® is delightfully different.

Apple Redlove

  • Uniquely coloured – Rosy-red flesh with a beautiful pattern running through it
  • Deliciously tasty – Crisp and juicy with a hint of berries
  • Even better for you – Higher in antioxidants than other apples
  • Disease resistant – Exceptionally high resistance to scab
  • Attractive in the garden – Unusual, long-lasting, deep pink spring blossom
  • Versatile in the kitchen – Delicious eaten raw but also ideal for cooking (it retains its red colour)

Grown on M9 rootstock, it will produce an easily managed tree up to approximately 2.5m (8′) tall in the garden, smaller if grown in a large container. Though not self-fertile, it’s easily pollinated by other apple trees, even up to 300m away. It’s supplied as a top quality 1 year old, single stem, bare root plant.

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  1. Wow, that apple sounds and looks fantastic!

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