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Back by Popular Demand – Apple Redlove

It can’t be often that an apple make the news but then Redlove is more than just an apple. Working with from Lubera, the Swiss nursery that developed this sensational apple, we first launched it in 2010. It soon hit the news and was featured not only by the BBC and British Press but across the world.  We sold so many that we thought we’d saturated the market but how wrong we were. Customers have continued to ask for Redlove apples and so here they are, back by popular demand.
Unlike most apples, Redlove is red to the core. Some other varieties of apple also have red flesh but with a rather bitter taste. In contrast these apples taste wonderful; crisp and juicy with a berry nuance.

redlove-eraSo what is apple Redlove?

Perfect for British gardens, whether in the ground or in a large pot, these apple trees are easy to grow. Disease resistant with exceptionally high resistance to scab, the unusual, long-lasting, deep pink spring blossom looks attractive in the garden. The fruits are versatile in the kitchen – delicious eaten raw but also ideal for cooking, even retaining the red colour when cooked.
Dark fruits such as red grapes, blueberries and blackberries tend to be higher in antioxidants than other varieties so it’s not surprising that Redlove apples have around 13 times more antioxidants than a normal apple, putting Redlove on a par with blueberries for antioxidant content.

What varieties are available?

Visit our website and you will find a choice of 3 varieties of apple Redlove. The old favourite, Era and two new varieties, Lollipop and Odysso.
Lollipop is the sweetest of the trio and has juicy small apples with marbled pink flesh.
Odysso has the largest apples of the 3 varieties with firm juicy flesh.

Enjoy the fruits fresh from the tree, in fruit salads (it doesn’t turn brown), pies, tarts and puddings. It’s an outstanding apple in so many ways!

All you need is Redlove



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One thought on “Back by Popular Demand – Apple Redlove”

  1. Sandra Parrin says:

    Hi my name Sandra I live in Suffolk in the village where I live there is the remains of a American airbase it is now partly an industrial estate there are apple trees on here that we think Americans planted I have been picking apples for over 18 years we did have four trees here and now down to 3 they are the same as your Redlove trees so they have been around a lot longer then 2010 I just thought some one would like to no the apples are red right through I hope you find this interesting Sandra

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