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Bountiful Blackberries and a Thorny Issue.

BlackberriesI love blackberries.  They are so yummy and there are so many around this year.  At the bottom of my fella’s garden is a huge bush of blackberries and I have been out there picking blackberries at every opportunity.   I snack on fruit (and crisps and chocolate – but I don’t think I can grow those) in the evenings and at my desk at work.  10 mins or so picking these the night before has saved me a fortune!  The only problem is that I keep discovering little thorns on my hands and arms!

I am thinking about getting my own blackberry bush for my own garden and am eyeing up Blackberry Ouachita Super Sweet.  I am certain I have picked more than £18 worth of blackberries already and this variety is virtually thornless.  We supply them as 1 year old plants, grown in a pot.  They are given the best start in life by those good people in our nursery who really know what they are doing and as blackberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow I figure it would be extremely difficult for me to mess it up.

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